Michael Lawrence, Jr.
The good (and handsome) Samaritan
Wed Sep 17, 2014 17:06

Mikey very much enjoyed spending his evenings strolling along down Pearl Street. Why? Because not only could he run into girls from RMI, but the local girls also happened to be about. And all girls were beautiful, magical or Muggle. That was the cool thing about hotness: it transcended barriers of the wizarding world.

And so he would strut, not buying anything (partially because shopping would only distract him from his quest to check out girls but mostly because he had spent quite some money up here earlier in the year and his parents had essentially cut him off) and just living life. Sometimes he invited Jesse along, but sometimes it was cool to just get away from school and be himself. It was the benefits of being alone without actually having to be alone.

That mattered to him a lot. The perpetually baseball-cap-clad teen hated being alone. He was a people person, a devoted extrovert with a bubbly personality and dazzling brown eyes. At least, he thought they were pretty dazzling. People told Hestaea that her eyes were dazzling, and he pretty much had the same ones as his half-sister. That might have just been because she was a pretty girl though.

But anyway, he just generally liked people. Shyness was not something the fourth year had ever really understood. How can you not feel comfortable around others? Really, it was by himself when he was uncomfortable. Being alone gave him time to think, and thinking was never, ever, ever a good thing. Mikey preferred to do.

As he “did”, those dazzling brown eyes spotted someone struggling with a lot of items ahead of him. Evidently, someone had gone shopping and overestimated their ability to haul their loot. He approached with a healthy click in his step and offered sincerely, “Can I help you with those? You look like you could use a hand.” Sure, Mikey was a bit of a player (in his own mind), but he had been raised well, and he knew it was only right to offer his service to a stranger in need.

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