Adisynne Leppit
The self-appointed welcoming committee! [Headmaster Abbadi]
Sun Mar 3, 2013 20:44

Term had only picked up a couple days ago, but already Addi was feeling the pressures of her poor decisions to uptake about a thousand activities. The talent show was approaching, so she had to rehearse her solo, her duet with Annalise, and meet up with Garen to work on their thing too. Lyra’s total obliteration of Draco Quidditch match was soon, so her team had to practice. Graduation was coming, so she had to get her art portfolio done to send off to prospective schools. She had to not fail all of her classes. She was employed, so she had to show up for work and be on her feet for hours. She was also SGA president, so that also meant a lot of addition running around like a crazy person.

To add a bit of additional stress to her life, apparently there had been some changes in the RMI staff. The Lyra tended to view the professors kind of like occasionally-crazy aunts and uncles (not Aaron McKindy, of course), so it was always kind of sad to see people go. Still, their departure meant the arrival of new people, which could be fairly exciting but also a hair nerve-wracking.

If she felt nervous about the new arrivals, she could hardly imagine how it felt for new professors. And if new professors were that anxious, she could not even fathom how it must have felt to come in brand new as headmaster. At least when Headmaster Munro took over, he had been around the school for a while, knew people. This headmaster was entirely new, an unrecognized face with a disadvantageous mystery.

For that reason, President/Captain/All Around Good Person Addi decided she should do something nice for Headmaster Abbadi. The House Elves were nice enough to lend her some kitchen space and even aided her efforts, preventing her cookies from being disastrous. After a surprisingly fun time, she waved goodbye to the elves and, plate in hand, happily ventured towards the Administrative Quarters.

She navigated the hallways, making mental notice of where Professor de Villiers office was; tomorrow she intended to bring him something too, perhaps cupcakes. Eventually she found the headmaster’s office. Accessorized with a great big smile, the eighteen year old knocked, returning her hand to support the plate thereafter. The door opened, revealing the man she came to see.

“Hi,” Addi spoke before Headmaster Abbadi had the time to ask any questions. “I’m Adisynne Leppit, and as president of the Student Government Association, I thought I ought to come welcome you to RMI, so... welcome to RMI!” She extended her arms to offer the plate in her hand, full of cookies. “You might have missed this in your contract, but one of the perks is a plate of cookies baked by yours truly.”

OOC: Minor godmodding of Headmaster Abbadi approved by his author.

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