Headmaster James Abbadi
Time to face the music. [Tag: Zakir Adir]
Thu Mar 28, 2013 02:58

RMI’s new headmaster leaned back in his chair and sighed. It had only been a few weeks since term had restarted and trouble was already brewing. He had hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with the disciplinary side of his job right off the bat, but there was a serious situation he had to deal with.

Shortly before the midterm break had begun, Zakir Adir, a fifth-year Lyra, had drugged another student, Rebecca Brandon, with a potion. What with all the recent administrative changes at the school, the issue had been filed away until things settled down. Now, it was time to act. Deputy headmistress Kris had informed him of all that had happened before the break, from the time she’d stumbled on the two students in the Rec Centre to potions professor Robert Gallico’s help in deconstructing the potion and understanding its effects. She had also filled James in briefly on the students’ background histories.

The clock above the door to his office showed that it was ten minutes until five. That gave Zakir ten minutes to appear at the door, as requested in the letter James had sent the Lyra earlier that week. After much deliberation, James had decided on the consequences Zakir would face due to his prank, if it could even be called one. However, the headmaster was unwilling to carry through with his decision until he’d heard Zakir’s side of the story. That Zakir had committed the crime was undeniable; he’d been caught red-handed by Kris. What troubled James was, to put it in more official terms, the malice aforethought behind Zakir’s actions. James wanted to understand that before he made any moves of his own.

Many of the decisions James had made in his life had been based on intuition rather than strict rationality. It was a skill he’d learned as an auror, where gut decisions could save lives. James would once more be relying on his intuition for this first meeting with Zakir in order to get a read on the boy. A sudden knock on the door jarred James from his thoughts. He strode over to the door, pausing to straighten out his robes before opening it.

“Ah, Mr. Adir. Come in, take a seat.” James led the way over to his desk and sat down. His office was plush, stylish, and sparse. Two cabinets and a bookcase stood against one wall, on which a Jordanian and an American flag were hung. Another side of the room featured an ornate wall hanging from Egypt. James stared at Zakir silently for a few moments, allowing the ticking of the clock to fill the room.

“Mr. Adir, I’m sure you know why you are here. I’ve been fully informed of the events that took place in the Rec Centre before break. Do you have anything to say?”

OOC: Minor godmodding of Kris and Robert authorized by their respective authors.

    • It isn’t a tune I care forZakir Adir, Tue Apr 2 07:19
      When he hadn’t been punished directly after being caught, and was permitted to return home for the holidays, Zakir’s hope had risen. Upon returning to RMI and finding that the staff had been turned... more
      • So create a new tune.Headmaster James Abbadi, Mon Apr 8 22:56
        Zakir certainly didn’t look like a ruffian or the sort to cause any trouble. The boy’s appearance was immaculate to an extreme, and he was short, slight, and withdrawn. At first glance, James did not ... more
        • I’ll…tryZakir, Sun Apr 14 17:47
          “No thank you,” Zakir said quietly, rejecting the offered sweets. Why did the professors, and Heads always offer sweets? The Pureblood had never developed a taste for sugary treats, preferring tarter ... more
          • Step by stepJames Abbadi, Mon May 20 20:21
            James was in a sense glad to see Zakir get visibly upset as he was informed of the consequences of his actions. The Lyra’s cool, calm exterior had disappeared, and James interpreted the teary eyes as ... more
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