Zakir Adir
It isn’t a tune I care for
Tue Apr 2, 2013 07:19

When he hadn’t been punished directly after being caught, and was permitted to return home for the holidays, Zakir’s hope had risen. Upon returning to RMI and finding that the staff had been turned over again, including the Headmaster, his hope grew to near certainty. The anxiety over his punishment dulled as the weeks passed and he didn’t receive a summons.

He’d gotten away with it, forgotten in the staff change. Or so he’d thought, until he received the summons that he’d been expecting from the moment he’d set foot back into the school. Zakir scowled at his reflection in the mirror as he continued to brush his already pristine hair. Why couldn’t he get away with something just once? From his very first night at this wretched school, any trouble that happened around him was always caught, and he was always punished for it. Even when he was the victim of said trouble.

The thought of ignoring the summons hadn’t even crossed the Lyra’s mind. Obedience to authority had been ingrained in him at a young age, and even his father’s death hadn’t broken the habit. Settling his robes one last time, Zakir studied his reflection to insure that every fold was in place before leaving his room. His stomach was in such fierce knots that he hadn’t been able to eat, and he had to work to force his face into perfect smoothness. Rebecca deserved what he’d done to her, but he had been caught, and now it was time to accept punishment for his actions.

Zakir stood in front of the door for a full minute, schooling his features into aloofness before he reached out to tap on the wood. Maybe he wont be in Zakir thought hopelessly. What would the new Headmaster be like? How strict was he? Worry made his hands want to shake, but he refused to let them. Getting into trouble with the new Head wasn’t the way to set a proper first impression, but what was done couldn’t be undone. It was merely his bad fortune that the change in leadership happened over the break.

The door opened and Zakir bit the inside of his cheek to keep from cringing. He stepped silently into the room and glanced around before taking a seat. The room was tastefully done, lacking in clutter. It appealed to Zakir’s more Spartan nature, and he regretted the fact that his first visit was under such adverse conditions. Zakir sat stiffly, his back perfectly straight, and his face a pureblooded mask to hide his anxiety. He kept his hands folded neatly in his lap, refusing to let them fidget and give away his nerves.

Silence seemed to echo around them, and Zakir didn’t attempt to fill it, as if remaining silent might make the whole situation go away. It didn’t. He wondered if there was any point in trying to defend his actions. He’d taken a calculated risk, and it failed, what more needed to be said? Would this man believe Zakir when he told him that Rebecca was a horrible person and deserved what he’d done? That he’d expected there to be some side effects, but nothing like what actually happened?

That he’d been glad to see her suffer? Zakir’s eyes dropped, not wanting them to reveal his conflicted thoughts. It was wrong to think such things, he knew, but how he hated her for everything she’d done to him. She deserved it.

“No, sir.”

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    • It isn’t a tune I care for — Zakir Adir, Tue Apr 2 07:19
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