Headmaster James Abbadi
So create a new tune.
Mon Apr 8, 2013 22:56

Zakir certainly didn’t look like a ruffian or the sort to cause any trouble. The boy’s appearance was immaculate to an extreme, and he was short, slight, and withdrawn. At first glance, James did not make much of him. Then again, the average bully wouldn’t sneakily slip a potion to a classmate to exact some sort of terrible revenge, which is what it appeared Zakir had done. There was more to Mr. Adir than met the eye, and James wasn’t sure that was a good thing in this case. At the same time, he was trying his hardest not to judge Zakir on this one incident.

The Headmaster sighed at Zakir’s response. Zakir was putting on a calm exterior, but James was sure he was nervous on the inside. If he wasn’t going to talk though, there was nothing James could really do for him. Zakir had been caught red-handed, so there wasn’t much James could have done, in any case, and he wasn’t sure what he had been expecting the boy to say at this meeting. Perhaps an apology, or a promise not to act out again.

James pulled open a drawer on the right side of his desk and pulled out a piece of parchment and a red quill. The drawer rolled shut on its own with a soft snap. Scooting his chair forward, he picked up the quill and began to write. “Well, Mr. Adir…” James trailed off and put the quill down. He opened the drawer once more and pulled out a bag of Jelly Slugs and placed it on his desk. “Feel free to help yourself.” James had only written a few more words on the parchment before he pulled one of the slugs out of the bag and popped it in his mouth. “I quite enjoy them, personally.”

It wasn’t the best of attempts to make Zakir feel more comfortable, but it was the best James could do, given the circumstances. Disciplining was the least favorite part of his job and even though Zakir was in trouble, James wanted to at least attempt to create some sort of connection with the kid beyond doling out justice.

The quill flashed across the parchment as James wrote his signature at the bottom of the sheet. “Well, Mr. Adir, this parchment details the various aspects of your disciplining. First, you are only allowed to create potions under the supervision of Professor Gallico. This means you can still participate in class, of course. If you want to pursue Potions beyond that, you will need to discuss extra brewing time with Professor Gallico. You will also serve detention each Friday afternoon with Coach Shepard, helping out with keeping care of the Quidditch Pitch. She will owl you with more details later this week.” James paused, then said, “Finally, I will be sending an owl to Mr. York with this parchment and a letter informing him of your actions and why the disciplinary action has been taken.”

He reached across the desk and handed Zakir the parchment so that he could look at it and read over the stipulations James had told him. Sitting back, James eyed Zakir and held back another sigh. “Mr. Adir, I’m sure you are aware this is not the best way to start things off with me. I’ll be kept up to date on how you proceed from this meeting. I hope you use the rest of term to turn things around; don’t think that it isn’t possible for you to do that.”

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