Sun Apr 14, 2013 17:47

“No thank you,” Zakir said quietly, rejecting the offered sweets. Why did the professors, and Heads always offer sweets? The Pureblood had never developed a taste for sugary treats, preferring tarter flavors. He watched with trepidation as the man began to write. Could he be expelled for this? The girl hadn’t been permanently harmed, and the Medic had her back to rights before long. They wouldn’t expel him for something that hadn’t really hurt her, would they? Anxiety crashed against the self-imposed barrier of calm, threatening to splinter the mask from the inside out.

Before he could give in to the churning feelings, and plead with the man not to expel him, the Headmaster outlined the terms of his punishment. Zakir’s mouth opened before he forced it shut, biting back the angry words that wanted to spill forth. That wasn’t fair! They couldn’t ban him from learning, this was a school for Merlin’s sake, he was a student. It was his given right to go above and beyond if he choice in a field he excelled at. Yes, he went about testing the potion in the wrong way, but that was one mistake. One in the five years he’d been coming to this backwards place.

His hand shook slightly, betraying his upset, when he reached out to accept the parchment and read over the terms again. His indignant anger at the potions aspect of his punishment was shoved aside by the realization that his exploits would be made known to his adoptive father. After being inducted into the family, he’d promised not to bring shame onto the York name, and here he was doing exactly that. He bit his bottom lip as he studied the words, shame sank deeply into him, and his eyes stung with suppressed tears. He hadn’t meant for this to happen, any of it. All he’d wanted to do was test his potion, and perhaps get a little revenge along the way.

There was nothing he could do about the letter, but he did have a question. “How long will I require Professor Gallico’s supervision?” his voice held the rough edge of emotion that he couldn’t quite suppress. In general, he spent several hours a week in extracurricular brewing, and he hoped that this part of the punishment wouldn’t be too long. He was sure the man wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to Zakir’s supervision for all the projects he was currently working on.

  • So create a new tune.Headmaster James Abbadi, Mon Apr 8 22:56
    Zakir certainly didn’t look like a ruffian or the sort to cause any trouble. The boy’s appearance was immaculate to an extreme, and he was short, slight, and withdrawn. At first glance, James did not ... more
    • I’ll…try — Zakir, Sun Apr 14 17:47
      • Step by stepJames Abbadi, Mon May 20 20:21
        James was in a sense glad to see Zakir get visibly upset as he was informed of the consequences of his actions. The Lyra’s cool, calm exterior had disappeared, and James interpreted the teary eyes as ... more
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