James Abbadi
Step by step
Mon May 20, 2013 20:21

James was in a sense glad to see Zakir get visibly upset as he was informed of the consequences of his actions. The Lyra’s cool, calm exterior had disappeared, and James interpreted the teary eyes as a sign that Zakir regretted giving Rebecca the potion and did care—greatly—about the restrictions he would face. That meant Zakir would hopefully learn from what he’d done.

The headmaster sat back in his chair, rubbing his thumb over the armrest. His gaze traveled to the pile of papers sitting neatly on his desk, making him sigh. There was so much work to be done and never enough time to get it done in. He was facing another late night at the office. This weekend though, James decided, he would give himself some time off.

“How long will I require Professor Gallico’s supervision?”

James’ eyes snapped back to Zakir. “Until the end of term. Though depending on your behavior that might be extended further or potentially cut short. The decision will be made closer to the end of term, based on feedback from Professor Gallico. In many ways, the length of the required supervision is up to you. It is possible for you to redeem yourself.”

After finishing his basic magical schooling James had gone on to an auror training program in Jordan that had taken four years to complete. Two years into his job as an official government auror, he had been injured and his dreams had come crashing down. It was strange from him to find himself here, in Colorado, as the headmaster of a magical school. James was a strong believer in second chances; the number he had received in his life always shocked him into gratefulness, especially in those moments when his anger at the past threatened to overtake him. Working with Professor Gallico could be seen a test for Zakir, a chance to mend his reputation. James could only hope he’d take the opportunity.

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    “No thank you,” Zakir said quietly, rejecting the offered sweets. Why did the professors, and Heads always offer sweets? The Pureblood had never developed a taste for sugary treats, preferring tarter ... more
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