James Abbadi
Welcome! [Tag: Pamela Wrey]
Thu Jul 25, 2013 17:55

The clock in James’ office ticked loudly, easily trumping the smooth sound of the headmaster’s quill sliding swiftly across parchment. Somehow, there was always some sort of paperwork to be done. At the moment James was working on a midterm newsletter that would be sent to all the parents once students left for the holidays. He glanced up at the clock, then rubbed his floppy nose, a habit belying his impatience. There were two minutes left until the school’s newest student, Pamela Wrey, would show up in his office by portkey.

It had taken a while for the James and the other staff members to prepare for her arrival, because on top of being a third-year transfer, Pamela also happened to be a werewolf. It was with pride that James had informed her family that she’d been accepted to RMI; many schools were not so welcoming when it came to students with special abilities. A whooshing sound filled the room as James swallowed the last of his mug of tea. Standing, he said, “Hi, Pamela. Why don’t you take a seat? Traveling by portkey can make some people a bit woozy.”

James waited until the girl had taken a seat and pulled herself together before continuing. She looked a bit pale in his eyes, but there seemed to be a determined energy about her that he immediately approved of. “Welcome to RMI. I’m the headmaster, James Abbadi. It’s great to finally have you here.” Among the accommodations the school had made for Pamela included giving her a single room in her dorm and preparing a separate safe room for her next to the Infirmary where she could go during the full moon. “If you take a look at the dreamcatcher in your hand, you’ll notice that it’s turned red, meaning you’ll be in Draco House during your time here. Now, I can take you directly to your common room or if you’re feeling up for it we can also do a quick tour of the grounds. What do you say?”

    • H-Hello...Pamela Wrey, Fri Jul 26 15:05
      "You'll be fine," Her mother had told her, gripping her shoulders firmly "You'll do great." Pamela nodded swallowing, trying her best to tell herself she wasn't going to be sick. She had a chance to... more
      • And off we go!James, Sat Jul 27 08:50
        “Excellent,” James said, standing. “The house elves will take your bags to your room, so no need to worry about them.” He strode over to the door and held it open for Pamela, all the while assessing... more
        • W-wahoo...Pam , Sun Jul 28 05:42
          "T-thanks..." The girl said quietly as Headmaster Abbadi held the door for her, Pam felt his gaze on her and her shoulders instinctually brought themselves up to her jaw trying to hides herself... more
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