Pamela Wrey
Fri Jul 26, 2013 15:05

"You'll be fine," Her mother had told her, gripping her shoulders firmly "You'll do great." Pamela nodded swallowing, trying her best to tell herself she wasn't going to be sick. She had a chance to start again, a new beginning. She told herself she would fit in. No one would know. No one would suspect anything of her, she would go through school with no one thinking a second thought about her. Or her...condition.

Pamela (or Pam, as it was always excruciating having to say her long name) stood still as her mother gave her a quick hug. Then her brother. Then her sister. Pam knew she was going to miss them and everything at home. Rustic smelling air and a simple yet comfortable lifestyle was what her mother always reminded her was a luxury. If was hard to believe that with no extravagant features or expensive paintings and furniture that Pam and her family were actually pure bloods. Of course even in highest blood rank there were classes and the bottom was where her family resided.

Pam didn't want to cry, she wasn't a person who liked crying unlike other hysterical girls. She wasn't really much of a girl at all, she wore big, baggy clothes meant for men to hide her curving body, well and her scars. She always had her dark hair pulled back into a low ponytail, with a few loose strands falling across her eyes and cheeks. She was currently wearing a grey hoodie that could easily fit three of her inside, the strings pulled up to her neck hiding a rather noticeable scar across her collar bones. As she began to double checking her rucksack for her favourite book, her mother checked the time and told Pam it was time to go. Pam nodded briefly, collected her bags and went to the black dream catcher that was lying on the table. Before her entire palm could enclose around it, she felt herself being lift of the ground and she felt the nausea creep right back up her throat.

Landing with a stumble, Pam let her bags go, which fell with loud noises. The girl couldn't help but wince - she hated loud noises. She was in the school, she finally could start a proper education! Pam looked around briefly, knowing immediately that she was in an office -

“Hi, Pamela. Why don’t you take a seat? Traveling by portkey can make some people a bit woozy.”

The voice made Pam glance up, it was Headmaster Abbadi. This man had gone extreme lengths for her to be at RMI and he had her trust though Pam felt the usually nervous shaking crawl through her and she mustered the short "H-Hello." Abandoning her bags and settling in a seat that was probably older than her, which previous children had sat in awaiting their fate. Pam herself did not fill much of the chair, though her clothes did. Feeling it was the polite thing to do, she lowered her hood, revealing the rest of her head. Luckily for her the headmaster did most of the talking and pointed out the dream catcher, which was still in her hand. It was a brilliant crimson colour, which the Headmaster told her it meant she was in Draco house. Pam couldn't say she was completely surprised,where else would she go? All she did in her spare time was curl up and read, though the reputation of Draco house hinted that they were all child geniuses and although bright, Pam did not consider herself a genius.

"...Now, I can take you directly to your common room or if you’re feeling up for it we can also do a quick tour of the grounds. What do you say?”

Pam looked at the headmaster for quite a while, though not with intensity that would count as staring, debating an short answer. She would hate for the Headmaster to walk her in the common room, a girl who had already missed Orientation, the Opening Feast and the first few weeks of school. They might ask her questions on why she wasn't there. They'd might ask why she wore such large clothes. Pam to a sharp breath in after realising she hadn't been breathing. She often forgot the fine art of general survival skills when in deep or worrying thoughts.

"Um...t-tour p-please..." She trailed off, shifting uncomfortably in her chair. Pam was already too shy for her own good, but people always ended up picking her to hold a conversation with, it was a tedious quest to complete. She even considered just ignoring people, but she would hate to make enemies, especially when the...other half of her was more than a handful and was an enemy on it's own.

  • Welcome! [Tag: Pamela Wrey]James Abbadi, Thu Jul 25 17:55
    The clock in James’ office ticked loudly, easily trumping the smooth sound of the headmaster’s quill sliding swiftly across parchment. Somehow, there was always some sort of paperwork to be done. At... more
    • H-Hello... — Pamela Wrey, Fri Jul 26 15:05
      • And off we go!James, Sat Jul 27 08:50
        “Excellent,” James said, standing. “The house elves will take your bags to your room, so no need to worry about them.” He strode over to the door and held it open for Pamela, all the while assessing... more
        • W-wahoo...Pam , Sun Jul 28 05:42
          "T-thanks..." The girl said quietly as Headmaster Abbadi held the door for her, Pam felt his gaze on her and her shoulders instinctually brought themselves up to her jaw trying to hides herself... more
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