And off we go!
Sat Jul 27, 2013 08:50

“Excellent,” James said, standing. “The house elves will take your bags to your room, so no need to worry about them.” He strode over to the door and held it open for Pamela, all the while assessing her with a critical eye. It was true that the fact she was a werewolf would not be paraded around the school – only the staff would know – but students would most likely notice Pamela, all the same. The large clothes she seemed to sink into and her reaction at the noise of her bags dropping on the floor made her stick out, and there were likely other actions that would set her apart from the others. He could hardly blame her, given her condition, and could only hope, with relative confidence, that her fellow students would treat her well. James knew how mean kids could be, but the students at RMI were a different bunch and accustomed to all sorts of people given the school’s diversity. Nevertheless, he decided a quick chat with Robert Gallico, Draco’s Head of House, and Ryler Tate, the counselor might be in order.

After taking Pamela through the admin office area she had portkeyed to James led her to the hallways where classrooms were located. Lately he’d started to think that the school was haunted – which it was, by ghosts who were genial and friendly – however, he felt there was another presence afoot, a slightly more mischievous one. He’d heard mutterings of strange “pranks” taking place in the classroom from the staff and though thus far he’d held off from doing a more intense investigation into the occurrences, if the pranks continued he’d have to get deeper involved.

As it was the early afternoon most classes were in session, so he was able to provide Pamela with only a quick peek into most rooms. James figured it was all right though, since she’d be starting classes immediately the next day. “Our professors are always willing to help students outside of class, so if you find the academic adjustment a bit difficult you can always reach out to them.” As they rounded the next corner the headmaster checked his watch and then without breaking stride pulled out a prescription bottle from his pocket. With practiced ease he snapped open the bottle and swallowed the pill in one swift movement. “Used to be an auror until I got hurt during a chase. Fractured rib,” he said, pointing to his right side, “Never healed properly.” James had been dealing with chronic pain from the injury for so long that he hardly considered it an important topic or one to be touchy about.

“And this here is the Rec Centre. Students like to hang around here a lot.” Light danced on the walls, reflected from the pool. Turning to face Pamela, he asked, “Any questions for me so far?”

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    "You'll be fine," Her mother had told her, gripping her shoulders firmly "You'll do great." Pamela nodded swallowing, trying her best to tell herself she wasn't going to be sick. She had a chance to... more
    • And off we go! — James, Sat Jul 27 08:50
      • W-wahoo...Pam , Sun Jul 28 05:42
        "T-thanks..." The girl said quietly as Headmaster Abbadi held the door for her, Pam felt his gaze on her and her shoulders instinctually brought themselves up to her jaw trying to hides herself... more
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