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"T-thanks..." The girl said quietly as Headmaster Abbadi held the door for her, Pam felt his gaze on her and her shoulders instinctually brought themselves up to her jaw trying to hides herself inside the grey hoodie. The girl kept her head down, Pam never stoodup tall, despite her mother's constant nagging that she would grow into a question mark. Though she wouldn't dare say, the pureblood was reminded of her favourite fictional character, Quasimodo. Quasimodo, more commonly referred to as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, was her hero in a way that people didn't understand. He was seen as a monster and outcast, though he was the bravest man in the book. His undying love for the gypsy Esmeralda was so strong, he died lying next to her corpse.

Pam followed the Headmaster like a shadow, she quietly took in her surroundings. She was careful not to let the sides of her trousers swish together as she walked with the adult. Pam felt inclined to walk slightly behind the man, as a sign that he was the leader and she was simply like a dog (Pam annoyed herself with the pun) trailing behind it's master. After a while Pam found it was just a endless corridor full of closed doors, so she kept her head down and focus on Headmaster Abaddi's feet. Pam hoped he wouldn't take her into a classroom just to introduce her to her year, she might just end up sinking onto the floor, buried in her clothes.

"Our professors are always willing to help students outside of class, so if you find the academic adjustment a bit difficult you can always reach out to them." Pam looked up and tried to pay attention to the repeating doors. Pam silently disagreed, there was always the one teacher who hated the slow learners, Pam wouldn't call herself a slow learner, but something told her that with her luck she'd probably end up with that professor if she ever came for help. The girl wasn't ignorant, but she had no intention on interacting with teachers outside of lessons. If she was stuck, she would read about it. And there was always the perfect book for academic problems.

It was a funny feeling to finally be in a school again. The atmosphere was always interesting and Pam was still debating on whether she liked it or not. She then heard the popping sound of a lid and glanced up just in time to see the Headmaster put a pill in his mouth. He must have sensed her watching as he explained the incident when he was an auror.

"Ouch," Pam said quietly, sympathising for the former auror for dealing with his pain. Soon they reached which must have been quite an important room if they stopped to go inside. Pam saw the glimmers of blue waves and knew at once it was a pool. Stepping inside Headmaster Abaddi introduced it as the "Rec Centre". This must have been students relaxing area, Pam assumed, where they could escape the crowded classrooms and stress of school work. Pam didn't have much experience swimming, though she often took her siblings to the local muggle pool. She would watch from the sides, exposure of her scars was too risky. Maybe she could sneak in after hours...

“Any questions for me so far?” She heard the man say, Pam kept her eyes on the walls, the pretty blue colours hypnotising her. Pam's main questions would be about the lessons and she turned to look at the Headmaster fearfully. She mumbled her question at first but he didn't hear her so she said repeated it louder.

"W-when will s-starting less-sons?"

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    “Excellent,” James said, standing. “The house elves will take your bags to your room, so no need to worry about them.” He strode over to the door and held it open for Pamela, all the while assessing... more
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