Patience Anders
A Request. (Headmaster)
Wed Aug 7, 2013 09:32

OOC-Fuzzy timed to September.

IC-For years , as in since her first year when she'd found out RMI did not have normal classes, Patience had been quite unhappy. Yes, of course, it was better than Muggle school, if she was there, she'd probably being having nightmares and producing psychosomatic illnesses. However, she was certain she was not getting an adequate magical education here and thus, last year, when preparing for STOATS, she had come up with a plan.

Here at RMI, Transfiguration and Charms were combined into one class called Spellwork while people wasted their time on Magical Sciences. Now there was nothing wrong with Professor Rosse as a person or educator, he just taught a subject that was worthless and inherently incompatible with each other. Magic and science-along with religion-just did not mix. Nor was getting an inferior education in two of the core magical subjects the fault of Professor Philpott. The man had done a decent job with what he'd been given. It was just that when you had to split them, you didn't have time to do enough of either.

Some of her relatives had been horrified by this too. Aunt Bliss was the creature of the legendary pickle tiger and Marshall's family was genetically inclined towards Transfiguration. He himself was a prodigy and had fallen off his chair when he'd heard that it had been combined in with Charms-and not because he was drunk either. Well, not that drunk anyway. As for Charms, it was the backbone of all magic.

So, Patience had come up with an idea, and decided to request to take Charms and Transfiguration as separate subjects , the way they deserved to be. Not waste her time on this science bull*squash*. The Powers That Be at RMI seemed to think non-PBs wanted to incorporate their Muggle ways into their magical ones. Honestly, the Draco couldn't blame the powerful PBs for being so....*broccolied* off. She was *broccolied* off and she was a halfblood. This was probably part of why the elite purebloods here were nastier than they normally would be!

She knocked on the door, waiting to be granted entrance. Patience was more than ready to say what she needed to. It had been brewing for the past three years and now she was ready to let it out. Hopefully, she'd be able to resist using profanity. It might have been part of who she was to talk that way, but it didn't seem like something that would impress a Headmaster when she was trying to get what she wanted.

    • I'm listening. Headmaster James Abbadi, Wed Aug 7 16:51
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      • In that case, I'm talking.Patience, Mon Aug 26 02:11
        Patience had to admit, she was more nervous and less confident than she would let on for this meeting. Never would she have gone to ask the principal for anything in elementary school. He didn't like ... more
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