Headmaster James Abbadi
I'm listening.
Wed Aug 7, 2013 16:51

The Manic Panic. The words were scrawled on a piece of parchment in the headmaster’s blobby handwriting, followed by a name: Shifty. The piece of parchment sat on the headmaster’s desk and was being stared at by the man himself. As of late he'd felt as though he was being watched, and certainly not by a ghost. As headmaster James felt it was his duty to read up on the school's history, and it was while he'd been doing that that he'd learned about RMI's mischievous poltergeist. After digging around further James had discovered Shifty’s relationship to the school. Created by RMI’s founders, he was an indelible part of the school and seemed to have a pulse on the place. Perhaps he was the reason James kept looking over his shoulder. I wonder what he would want though.

He glanced at the clock and then at the Jordanian flag hanging on his wall. His meeting with Kris to discuss Shifty and the spooked feelings he'd been having was still two hours away and he was getting nowhere with the issue on his own. Kris would probably laugh in any case, and say that it was his lack of sleep getting to him. His stomach rumbled and James decided that he might as well have a snack before the meeting; a shawarma would certainly hit the spot. The headmaster stood and stretched, his shoulders cracking in the process. Perhaps he’d ask Emilian if he was feeling hungry too, seeing as his class had just finished. The Herbology professor was fast becoming one of James’ closest friends. Satisfied that everything in his office was in order, James had taken one step towards his door when he heard a timid knock against it. Please be a house elf with a shawarma.

No luck. He blinked at the student in front of him, taken completely by surprise. What's her name? What's her name?For the life of him, he couldn't remember. In attempting to fill in the large shoes left behind by Gaston, the new headmaster had taken it upon himself to learn each and every student's name but it had been difficult to do so what with all of the backlogged work he'd had to do since taking over the school. "Please, come in." James stepped aside, pleased with his recovery but still stumped as to what the girl before him was called. He'd narrowed it down to one of the Anders girls. With great reluctance he shut the door and sat back down at his desk, hoping his stomach would abstain from rumbling during this unexpected meeting. “Take a seat. So, what brings you here today?”

  • A Request. (Headmaster)Patience Anders, Wed Aug 7 09:32
    OOC-Fuzzy timed to September. IC-For years , as in since her first year when she'd found out RMI did not have normal classes, Patience had been quite unhappy. Yes, of course, it was better than... more
    • I'm listening. — Headmaster James Abbadi, Wed Aug 7 16:51
      • In that case, I'm talking.Patience, Mon Aug 26 02:11
        Patience had to admit, she was more nervous and less confident than she would let on for this meeting. Never would she have gone to ask the principal for anything in elementary school. He didn't like ... more
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