In that case, I'm talking.
Mon Aug 26, 2013 02:11

Patience had to admit, she was more nervous and less confident than she would let on for this meeting. Never would she have gone to ask the principal for anything in elementary school. He didn't like her, didn't like Strawberry either and had disliked Harmony too. Still, she was liked the least of all of them by anyone at school. (Though obviously, the students that were there when she was didn't know her older sister.) They were hated for not being "part of the community" which meant not being there for several generations-and Patience sincerely doubted they'd be there another one. She certainly wouldn't want her kids to grow up there and Harmony was in Oregon. The Draco didn't really think Strawberry would go back there permanently either. There was nothing there for either of them.

Maybe that was why Patience had such a hard time making friends overall. The only people she really felt close to here were Strawberry and Chord. Olivia was her friend too, but the other Draco was closer to her sister. There were people here that she simply had nothing in common with, but a lot of times, she was just kind of suspicious that people wouldn't like her. She tried to present herself as tough and strong to a certain degree, as not being hurt over the past, but that sort of rejection-even though she genuinely hadn't liked most of classmates at Endport Elementary-did sort of take some kind of toll on a person. She probably was sending off an air of not really wanting to get to know people, but it was hard not to be paranoid when she'd actually been hurt, even if it was something Patience tried to keep deep down inside and never let show.

Not fitting in seemed to be her lot in life. Quite often, she wondered why it was that nobody else was ever bothered by the stuff she was. Maybe Muggleborns here thought this was how things were normally in the magical world. Which was also sad. And the Purebloods were more concerned about the fact that they thought the school was full of people they considered beneath them. At least that's how it seemed to her, even though she couldn't understand why they weren't concerned by not taking subjects that she would have expected them to be taught since birth were core subjects. She had been and she was a halfblood. Her parents had always knew that she and Strawberry were magical and sort of didn't really push them when they were at Muggle school. Of course, Patience never saw her mother as the pushy sort anyway. Which unfortunately meant she wasn't going to push for RMI to teach Charms and Transfiguration separately, so the fourth year had to take matters into her own hands and go and ask the Headmaster for what she wanted.

She had to choose her words carefully, for she didn't want to seem insulting. That was no way to get what she was asking for. He'd just get annoyed and refuse her on the grounds of her being rude. It would truly be a struggle for Patience. Not that she had contempt for Headmaster Abbadi,as he was new and she couldn't think of anything he'd done to offend her yet. Really, if she thought about it, the only professor who truly had offended her was that *mango*head Chris Miles.

And it was best not to make any other suggestions about anything else. Like that she thought that if Magical Science had to be a class, maybe it would be better off as an elective. She wanted Charms and Transfig to be separate subjects for everyone as well. Patience also hadn't been crazy about having her big tests her third year, because it also affected her education being that she didn't have to take things as long as people in other schools did, but that at least had the up side of not having to deal with *Tangerine* For Brains and drop DADA now instead of having to wait two years.

However, she would settle for just taking the two subjects separately herself, and if others didn't care, well, that was their problem. They'd be the ones suffering for it. Patience cleared her throat. "I'm Patience Anders" She introduced herself in case he didn't know who she was. Her old principal had known who she was quite well, he thought of her as one of the bad kids, a troublemaker because she wouldn't fit into their little mold. And, which in a way hurt her even more, people-though more teachers and other students-seemed to think Strawberry was dumb. And Strawberry was beginning to think so too. The Cetus hadn't had the best grades, between Potions, Herbology and Magical Science, though Herbology went slightly better for her than the other two. Still, she was severely limited in what she was able to take, and had even had to continue with Defense. She didn't have quite the issue that Patience had with that son of a *blackberry* but she didn't like the idea of hurting people.

It also kind of seemed odd to her how eager they were to incorporate so much science-though she respected Potions and Herbology as legitimate subjects, even if not all schools taught the latter-but not literature or any sort of English or social studies classes. Those Patience actually liked. She wouldn't even mind reading a Muggle book for Cultural Studies if it ever went down the road. Though if they were trying to mix these things, why not have them learn Magisociology or Magipsychology-though she suspected that couldn't be much more different than Muggle psych-or study Magical Literature. Even bring back History of Magic which was a completely legitimate subject that was also not always taught.

Patience took a deep breath. She might as well just spit it out. "I'd like to take Charms and Transfiguration as separate subjects if I can,please. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think given the nature of the class, Professor Philpott did an excellent job teaching us what he could. It's just that when two classes are combined, well there's not exactly the time to teach us everything we might need to know and I am far more interested in going down a path that includes these subjects than any others. I'm willing to go about this in a way that won't inconvenience anyone, if I have to take them as an independent study, I will. I'll even got to regular Spellwork to learn the spells that are actually being taught there." Patience waited with baited breath for the Headmaster's reply.

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