Estelle Blair
This here's ridiculous
Sun Nov 24, 2013 18:32

Gertrude’s arm had fallen off. Detached limbs were seldom a good thing, but in this case, it wasn’t an entirely bad thing, either. There were few things in life that Estelle enjoyed more than getting to poke around bodies. Except for poking around pyramids, of course. Actually, no, the absolute best was when the two were combined, rounding the corner to find herself facing some long-forgotten gravesite, an unnatural fog rising through the chilled air and wands drawn in anticipation… Grinning at the thought, she carefully rotated the arm around, a soft click accompanying her as she slid it back into place. “Humerus plus scapula, together again at last. And how’s that feeling now?”

Predictably, Gertrude supplied no answer, but that was fine because the brunette was already getting up, peering contemplatively at the model skeleton lying on the floor. ‘Aye, looks fine.’ Her wand had been stuffed down the top of her combat boot for temporary storage and now she bent to slide it out, giving it a sharp flick to send the newly-repaired Gertrude back to her usual position hanging from the ceiling. Theoretically, she could have used a Sticking Charm to prevent the bones from ever sliding apart, but what was the fun in that? The whole reason that she had bought the bones was for teaching and learning, and it was impossible to teach how bones fit together when there wasn’t the off chance that they would fall apart. Of course, Gertrude had collapsed on a Friday afternoon when she had no classes, which meant she couldn’t make any students fix the skeleton. Also of course, that was fine, because it meant that she got to fiddle with the bones instead.

Stowing her wand away again, she stretched her arms out over her head and glanced around to where her mechanical clock was ticking away from the wall. Still an hour left, which was good; she was starting to feel a bit sleepy after spending her entire afternoon lounging around marking papers and repairing skeletons. An hour was more than enough time to get herself properly woken up before going to meet Bailey. Estelle was looking forward to spending the evening with her; she was still pleasantly surprised, and somehow not surprised at all, at how quickly she had hit it off with the other woman. It was nice to have a good friend like her on the faculty team. Not that she didn’t like to consider herself being on friendly terms with the rest of the faculty, of course, but in all honesty, she didn’t spend enough time with the majority of them to really build any connections.

Fifty minutes later found Estelle locking the door to her private rooms behind her, a fresh cotten tee pulled on over her less-than-fresh-but-not-dirty-enough-to-require-washing jeans, cropped brown hair still damp from her shower. She’d halfheartedly thrown a comb through it in mild hopes of not having it dry in knots, but ultimately just left it to rumple up in its usual chaos on top of her head. This was just a casual hangout with a friend, after all, and even if it hadn’t been, she probably wouldn’t have bothered putting any more effort into it. Her hair had been a mess since she was a kid and there was really no way around it. Striding down the hallway, she knocked at Bailey’s door, waited, knocked again, and finally just tried the knob, eyebrows raising when she saw the scene on the other side of the door. “I hope I’m not interrupting your date night,” she stated by means of a greeting, stepping inside and shutting the door behind her. “Though you totally invited me, so it’s your fault-- hmm?”

It became obvious fairly quickly that Bailey was not in her office, as the only reply Estelle received was a note that flew up and whacked into her hand. The writing on the note confirmed that this candlelit dinner was not intended for a private evening between Bailey and Don, but between Estelle and… someone. Clearly, Bailey had been doing some plotting. “Bloody heck, did you seriously set me up on a date? I’m not a teenager any more, you know!” the tiny woman called out in minor annoyance to the empty office, walking further into the room just to confirm that her apparent sneak of a friend wasn’t hiding behind a chair somewhere before turning an accusing glare onto the scrap of paper. The note stared up at her silently and she huffed, spinning around to face the door when it swung open. “So she got you too, did she? Apparently we’re on a date now,” she informed the person on the other side, Aussie accent thick with irony.

  • This here's a setup! [Estelle, Liam]Bailey Shepard, Sun Nov 24 16:23
    After a bit of poking her nose around in places it probably did not belong, Bailey decided she ought to make an attempt for some of her coworkers. Estelle Blair, Cultural Studies professor, had... more
    • This here's ridiculous — Estelle Blair, Sun Nov 24 18:32
      • This here's... well interesting.Liam West, Sun Nov 24 19:57
        Liam generally wasn’t a busy man when he wasn’t teaching lessons and since he didn’t teach a core class he had quite a bit of free time to himself. He had spent most of his afternoon taking inventory ... more
        • At least there's foodEstelle, Sun Nov 24 21:25
          The man in the doorway was not someone she was expecting to see standing there. Then again, she hadn’t been expecting to see anyone tonight except for Bailey, so she figured that having the... more
          • Food makes up for quite a bit.Liam, Sun Nov 24 22:48
            Liam found himself grinning at the comments that Estelle had made before they sat down. He wasn’t offended by the fact that she was more interested in the dinner than him. After all, they had been... more
            • You seem to be making up for a lot as well.Estelle, Mon Nov 25 00:27
              Chipping away at her meal, fingers working nimbly to release the meat from its protective red shells, Estelle quickly decided (or re-decided, as it was) that lobster was pretty much the best thing... more
              • As are you.Liam, Mon Nov 25 16:18
                Liam’s eyes flickered upward rapidly as his dinner partner’s lobster claw fell to the table. Concern etched across the features of the Foretelling Arts professor. He didn’t comment on it as Estelle... more
                • Now you're just making me blush!Estelle, Tue Nov 26 00:46
                  Having the conversation shift over to his end of the table was convenient because it meant that she could return to eating. However, now that they had such an interesting topic at hand, Estelle was... more
                  • “Is that really all you’ve got to say?” Liam gave a mischievous grin as he heard the words leave Estelle’s mouth. They’d managed to find a conversation piece that both of them liked. Something they... more
                    • She felt inexplainably satisfied to hear Liam echo her sentiments, holding his gaze with her usual confident air despite the blush rising in tanned cheeks. Normally, feeling heat in her cheeks was... more
                      • Liam chuckled at the way Estelle spoke of her height. She was at least a good foot or so shorter than he, but it didn’t make her adorable like some. Cayden Bloom, one of his new students was a tiny... more
                        • “Really this was just a way for me to get back on my feet after… something.” Estelle didn’t generally miss very much. Not to say that she ever managed to pick up on all the subtleties of speech; that ... more
                          • Easy for some maybe, but not me.Liam, Sat Nov 30 19:12
                            “Can this even be considered a first date, though, seeing as it was totally a set-up? Ordinarily I’d say not a chance, but if you want to make an exception, I wouldn’t be opposed.” Liam tapped his... more
                            • And this here night's resolvedEstelle, Wed Dec 18 13:39
                              Impatient, she twirled her fork between her fingers and tried not to blatantly stare at Liam while waiting for his answer. Perhaps he was just pretending to be hesitant, the thought reminding her of... more
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