Food makes up for quite a bit.
Sun Nov 24, 2013 22:48

Liam found himself grinning at the comments that Estelle had made before they sat down. He wasn’t offended by the fact that she was more interested in the dinner than him. After all, they had been set up. He agreed with the notion of raiding Shepard’s drawers to make sure that there was no food left. He enjoyed cooking, and lobster was one of his favorite dishes. He not only enjoyed eating it, but enjoyed preparing it as well. Cooking was something that Liam had taken a liking to when he was young.

He could remember countless times when his parents had choked down whatever he had made before he actually accumulated skills in the culinary field. Now he was actually fairly good at cooking and was delighted whenever he could make something for someone. The lobster that Bailey had presented looked fantastic and Liam couldn’t wait to try it, but being the polite person he was, he didn’t want to just dig in like a slob. He waited as Estelle officially introduced herself.

He shook her hand, smiling at her over the table. When she stated that she was going to begin eating, Liam nodded and cracked into his own food. It was true; lobster was best served hot and slathered in melted butter. He glanced up from his food as Estelle mentioned revenge. He glanced around the office and nodded. He certainly felt like payback was in order. The Englishman didn’t take to well to being set up, even if it was with a beautiful woman. It wasn’t like he was desperate, sure he was lonely, but that didn’t mean he needed to be set up by one of his superiors. It was possibly one of the most mortifying things that had happened to him since he’d hit rock bottom. He nodded at Estelle, as he had a mouthful of lobster and listened as she continued their conversation.

“How were you expecting to spend the evening? Was lobster on your menu?”

Liam thought that over for a few moments, thinking about what he would have done had he not gotten the summons from the deputy head. Then again, what would he have done if the order had actually been real? He mulled it over as he swallowed a bite of food and washed it down with a swig of champagne. He probably would have done what he always did. Made dinner, looked over lesson plans, and cleaned another artifact that didn’t actually need cleaning. He responded with the last item, figuring that it was probably the most interesting of the things we would have done.

“Lobster would not have been on the menu,” he said, cleaning his fingers on his napkin. “I probably would have ended up eating some leftover cuisine and then gone on to finish cataloging some things I picked up from my last trip to Egypt.”

In fact, there were still a few boxes sitting in his rooms that needed to be recorded. He was rather eager to get back to them, but figured that lobster was a better alternative to the food he would have heated up. Not to mention that the company was nice, so he really had no complaints about the entire scenario. But still the boxes sat about, waiting for him to get to them. He’d picked up the objects over the summer when he had taken a trip back to Egypt on what little money he had.

It was how he spent most of his time, out at some remote dig finding things to help him with his studies. He couldn’t remember when he had first become interested in the ancient artifacts of the old world, but his parents had been thrilled. They had been teachers on whatever type of history they could get their hands on and Liam found that it had rubbed off on him. The professor’s life revolved around history and the strange items that came from it. None of his friends really understood the fire lying beneath the surface of the young man who had so much to give to life but instead squandered it by dwelling on the past. Then again not many of his acquaintances knew much about him to being with.

The twenty-seven year old collected so much junk that all of his shelves were full to bursting. Amanda had tried to get him to get rid of some of it, but when he had refused she had pouted. That pout irritated Liam to no end, it was so stupid. Liam was glad that she was gone and married off to some poor lout who would eventually suffer under the terror of too many shopping bills. Liam had experienced it himself and had no desire to go through it again. Instead, he turned his spending to the thing he loved the most, archaeology and the pursuit of the old world. He hoped that Estelle wouldn’t be bored by his choice of pastime, but most women he had met found the topic to be dull.

“And you?” he said, tilting his glass towards his lips once more. “What would you have done, if it had not been for the scheming of our dear Bailey Shepard?”

  • At least there's foodEstelle, Sun Nov 24 21:25
    The man in the doorway was not someone she was expecting to see standing there. Then again, she hadn’t been expecting to see anyone tonight except for Bailey, so she figured that having the... more
    • Food makes up for quite a bit. — Liam, Sun Nov 24 22:48
      • You seem to be making up for a lot as well.Estelle, Mon Nov 25 00:27
        Chipping away at her meal, fingers working nimbly to release the meat from its protective red shells, Estelle quickly decided (or re-decided, as it was) that lobster was pretty much the best thing... more
        • As are you.Liam, Mon Nov 25 16:18
          Liam’s eyes flickered upward rapidly as his dinner partner’s lobster claw fell to the table. Concern etched across the features of the Foretelling Arts professor. He didn’t comment on it as Estelle... more
          • Now you're just making me blush!Estelle, Tue Nov 26 00:46
            Having the conversation shift over to his end of the table was convenient because it meant that she could return to eating. However, now that they had such an interesting topic at hand, Estelle was... more
            • “Is that really all you’ve got to say?” Liam gave a mischievous grin as he heard the words leave Estelle’s mouth. They’d managed to find a conversation piece that both of them liked. Something they... more
              • She felt inexplainably satisfied to hear Liam echo her sentiments, holding his gaze with her usual confident air despite the blush rising in tanned cheeks. Normally, feeling heat in her cheeks was... more
                • Liam chuckled at the way Estelle spoke of her height. She was at least a good foot or so shorter than he, but it didn’t make her adorable like some. Cayden Bloom, one of his new students was a tiny... more
                  • “Really this was just a way for me to get back on my feet after… something.” Estelle didn’t generally miss very much. Not to say that she ever managed to pick up on all the subtleties of speech; that ... more
                    • Easy for some maybe, but not me.Liam, Sat Nov 30 19:12
                      “Can this even be considered a first date, though, seeing as it was totally a set-up? Ordinarily I’d say not a chance, but if you want to make an exception, I wouldn’t be opposed.” Liam tapped his... more
                      • And this here night's resolvedEstelle, Wed Dec 18 13:39
                        Impatient, she twirled her fork between her fingers and tried not to blatantly stare at Liam while waiting for his answer. Perhaps he was just pretending to be hesitant, the thought reminding her of... more
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