As are you.
Mon Nov 25, 2013 16:18

Liam’s eyes flickered upward rapidly as his dinner partner’s lobster claw fell to the table. Concern etched across the features of the Foretelling Arts professor. He didn’t comment on it as Estelle simply went on to answer his question with the generic answer of things that pertained to their type of job. He nodded his head, and internally grimaced. He really needed to be more vocal. The man was still slightly confused; wondering if had done or said something to shock the woman. His misinterpretation of Estelle’s accidental action was cleared up as quickly as it had been made.

Liam listened as the small woman excitedly spoke of the place that the professor held dear. He had been wrong in his assumption that Estelle would find the topic boring considering her immediate reaction to his words. He let out a laugh and ducked his head slightly when she said that she didn’t peg him for one to have any connections in the country. Liam hadn’t known that she had been to the place either but now that he did his excitant for the forced date had multiplied. He knew that the headmaster was from the Middle East (it was something that was hard to miss), but this Australian woman surprised him. Then again, he shouldn’t have expected anything less from the impressive teacher.

“Touristy things?” he said with a shake of his head. “No, the only places I go for tourism would be my own home in England.”

Before Liam could explain his trips to Egypt, the woman continued on. It took most of the will power that Liam had not to bombard her with questions. Egypt was a passion of hers. She liked the history. She worked with archaeology. The Foretelling Arts professor was literally kicking himself for not meeting this woman earlier. Where in the world had she been all his life? For goodness sakes, Liam had dealt with so many clingy “proper” women for so long that he hadn’t actually thought there was someone out there that had the same interests as he. Suddenly, Liam felt the need to be a full and proper Englishman drop away. For once in a very long time, he was content to just be himself.

He fought a small bout of chuckles as he cracked open another lobster claw. He had so much he wanted to say, but he didn’t want to act like a fool. It was the last thing he needed after the series of events he’d gone through with women. His mind flickered over all of the things he could say and he weeded out a few of the more important facts about himself that pertained to the subject. He let his fork slip to the table and leaned back in his chair, champagne glass balanced between his long fingers.

“I work there actually,” he said, a full blown grin gracing his features. “It’s where I get most of the artifacts I use for my classes. I studied archaeology in college and spent a few years on excavations. The history and designs that revolve around the old tokens from the culture are fascinating.”

He chose to mention nothing further than that, not wanting to give away too much. The evening was turning out to be more interesting than he thought and he was certainly glad that this madness had occurred. Dark eyes glanced up at the woman seated across the table for what seemed like the millionth time. Liam figured that maybe the cards weren’t always as faulty as he thought they were. After all, things were looking up.

  • You seem to be making up for a lot as well.Estelle, Mon Nov 25 00:27
    Chipping away at her meal, fingers working nimbly to release the meat from its protective red shells, Estelle quickly decided (or re-decided, as it was) that lobster was pretty much the best thing... more
    • As are you. — Liam, Mon Nov 25 16:18
      • Now you're just making me blush!Estelle, Tue Nov 26 00:46
        Having the conversation shift over to his end of the table was convenient because it meant that she could return to eating. However, now that they had such an interesting topic at hand, Estelle was... more
        • “Is that really all you’ve got to say?” Liam gave a mischievous grin as he heard the words leave Estelle’s mouth. They’d managed to find a conversation piece that both of them liked. Something they... more
          • She felt inexplainably satisfied to hear Liam echo her sentiments, holding his gaze with her usual confident air despite the blush rising in tanned cheeks. Normally, feeling heat in her cheeks was... more
            • Liam chuckled at the way Estelle spoke of her height. She was at least a good foot or so shorter than he, but it didn’t make her adorable like some. Cayden Bloom, one of his new students was a tiny... more
              • “Really this was just a way for me to get back on my feet after… something.” Estelle didn’t generally miss very much. Not to say that she ever managed to pick up on all the subtleties of speech; that ... more
                • Easy for some maybe, but not me.Liam, Sat Nov 30 19:12
                  “Can this even be considered a first date, though, seeing as it was totally a set-up? Ordinarily I’d say not a chance, but if you want to make an exception, I wouldn’t be opposed.” Liam tapped his... more
                  • And this here night's resolvedEstelle, Wed Dec 18 13:39
                    Impatient, she twirled her fork between her fingers and tried not to blatantly stare at Liam while waiting for his answer. Perhaps he was just pretending to be hesitant, the thought reminding her of... more
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