Well, it makes you even lovelier than before.
Tue Nov 26, 2013 22:42

“Is that really all you’ve got to say?”

Liam gave a mischievous grin as he heard the words leave Estelle’s mouth. They’d managed to find a conversation piece that both of them liked. Something they were both passionate about. Liam’s ears registered the words that continued, his eyes riveted on the motions that the woman’s fork made from her hand. He came to the conclusion that the Cultural Studies professor accentuated most of what she said with some form of action. He watched as the fork swung back in his direction as Estelle made another point towards him.

Indeed, they were both fond of the same thing and held two of the same occupations. Liam practically mirrored the same sentiments that the woman stated, tapping his fingers against his chin as he listened. As much as it was a surprise to her, it was a surprise to him as well. He hadn’t known that someone else who lived a life so similar to his was so very close. He imagined he would have spent a few boring days conversing with the woman and finding out everything he could about her. He wished that he had met her earlier in his time at Rocky Mountain. Better late than never.

Liam broke into laughter as Estelle cursed the woman who had conned them both into attending the dinner. Miss Shepard was a woman who he very much wanted to thank. In fact, if he weren’t occupied with the stunning companion in front of him, he would have tracked her down and hugged her. Earlier, he had been fully prepared to give her hell for the set up. He still felt that revenge was in order for the initial embarrassment, but figured it could be lessened slightly due to the progression of the evening. He’d never had a date, forced or otherwise, quite like this one.

The professor raised his eyebrows as he was informed that his companion had all sorts of questions and he expected her to jump into them. He covered his mouth slightly as she told him that she wasn’t as rude as he’d probably heard. The Foretelling Arts professor had heard a few of his students mumble about her, but as it had been during his class, a few stern looks had silenced them immediately. From what he could tell, Estelle was not in any way rude. She was brusque and forward, but none of it seemed to be made with rude intent. Simply, the woman was blunt and it was refreshing.

Estelle took another turn, surprising Liam by apologizing for something harmless. In response, Liam shook his head and smiled. She was apologizing for not taking an interest in his class? Although he loved the subject, the man found that he couldn’t blame her. Not many people really had a feel for the art of deriving the future and it had taken Liam most of his life to master what he had. Even with a good ten years of study under his belt, Liam knew that he would never fully understand the knowledge that was presented by the topic. The reason that Estelle studied archaeology made much more sense than his did, but he didn’t care. They shared the passion for it, no matter the approach.

“Somehow,” Liam looked up and drew his hand away from his mouth, leaning forward into the conversation. Thick blonde eyebrows rose once more as he took in the sentence that came next. “I’m actually glad our lovely DH tricked me. I’d’ve never come if she had said upfront what this was about. Though, obviously, don’t tell her that; I doubt she’d ever let me forget it.”

“I’m actually inclined to thank her myself,” he said, giving Estelle a smile. “As I see it, she’s done me a great favor, because this has turned out to be an incredibly pleasant evening.” He raised his glass to hip lips and took a sip before peering over his drink. “Now, tell me more about you, I’m curious as to how someone like you could hide right in front of my eyes.”

He wasn’t sure what possessed him anymore. Maybe it was the champagne (which wasn’t it because the stuff was like apple juice in Liam’s opinion), but he was incredibly eager to hear all he could about Estelle Blair and he was fully prepared to waste the entire night if he had too.

  • Now you're just making me blush!Estelle, Tue Nov 26 00:46
    Having the conversation shift over to his end of the table was convenient because it meant that she could return to eating. However, now that they had such an interesting topic at hand, Estelle was... more
    • Well, it makes you even lovelier than before. — Liam, Tue Nov 26 22:42
      • She felt inexplainably satisfied to hear Liam echo her sentiments, holding his gaze with her usual confident air despite the blush rising in tanned cheeks. Normally, feeling heat in her cheeks was... more
        • Liam chuckled at the way Estelle spoke of her height. She was at least a good foot or so shorter than he, but it didn’t make her adorable like some. Cayden Bloom, one of his new students was a tiny... more
          • “Really this was just a way for me to get back on my feet after… something.” Estelle didn’t generally miss very much. Not to say that she ever managed to pick up on all the subtleties of speech; that ... more
            • Easy for some maybe, but not me.Liam, Sat Nov 30 19:12
              “Can this even be considered a first date, though, seeing as it was totally a set-up? Ordinarily I’d say not a chance, but if you want to make an exception, I wouldn’t be opposed.” Liam tapped his... more
              • And this here night's resolvedEstelle, Wed Dec 18 13:39
                Impatient, she twirled her fork between her fingers and tried not to blatantly stare at Liam while waiting for his answer. Perhaps he was just pretending to be hesitant, the thought reminding her of... more
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