Just as long as I don't start blending in with the lobster
Wed Nov 27, 2013 18:19

She felt inexplainably satisfied to hear Liam echo her sentiments, holding his gaze with her usual confident air despite the blush rising in tanned cheeks. Normally, feeling heat in her cheeks was the sole effect of some passionate debate, a physical symptom of how she got caught up in the thrill of trying to prove her point. Blushing for any other reason made her grumpy, because that was just typical and teenage-girl-esque and she didn’t need to be softening her image with something so terribly cliché, but tonight, it didn’t overly bother her. 'Incredibly pleasant' was not a description she usually heard from people whose company she spent time in. Maybe once, seemingly ages ago, but she definitely hadn't heard such a phrase referencing her in a while.

Both intentionally and unintentionally, the brunette had consistently found herself over time being more focused on her academic studies and her family than any other personal relations - not that she was entirely ignorant of such things, of course, she was getting closer to 30 every year (the thought made her cringe; she certainly didn't feel old-and-wise enough to consider herself anything but early twenties, let alone late twenties!) and she'd had relationships in the past, but they never seemed to stick around for very long. Which was probably a smart decision on their part. She herself had a hard time staying in one place for any significant length of time and temporary companions had always suited her better, someone to tolerate the rapid bursts of conversation and unexpected moments of silence, someone she could leave behind without any ill feelings between them when her period of fieldwork in the area was up and she moved on to the next portion of her life.

“Oh, really? The answer to that shouldn’t be too hard to find,” she pointed out, rolling her eyes with a laugh. “I’m a right shrimp, and us of shorter statures are all too easily overlooked. Literally.” Looking at the glass whose stem her fingers were hooked around, she took quick note of the dwindling amount of champagne and leaned over to take up the bottle, gesturing with it towards Liam in a wordless query of whether he wanted her to pour more for him before topping up her own glass. It felt strange to be serving herself refills. Even mild champagnes like this had a tendency to work through her system faster than the average person, and as a result, she didn’t normally drink very much, a fact that was in itself strange, considering that her brother Noah had been working at a bar in Sydney for a number of years now and he was always eager to cover her tab whenever she popped in. On principle she refused such favoured treatment, instead opting to hang onto a single glass for the duration of the night. Right now, though, refills seemed appropriate. The way the sparkling liquid fizzled perfectly mirrored the excitement that was fizzling through her, steady heartbeat stretching out to the tips of her fingers at the realization that this night was going far differently, and far better, than she had expected it to.

“There’s really not much to tell about myself,” she continued on once the bottle had been re-corked and she had settled back into her seat. "Born and raised down under in Oz, went to the New Zealand Academy of Magic, and from there, straight on to the Australian National University. Archaeology caught my eye straight off, and clearly that's a field I never left… Apart from RMI. This was supposed to be just an interim thing, honestly." The admission came easily. She'd never seen herself as much of a teacher, and being addressed as such still gave her the bizarre urge to smack the person who dared treat her with such respect when there were others out there far worthier of it than she. "But I've enjoyed it rather more than I planned to, so I imagine I'll be sticking around. Plenty of time for more dinners like this one, aye?" she suggested, eyebrows arched teasingly under the perpetual chaos of rumpled brown hair. "Assuming that you stay working here as well, which if you don't, I will be thoroughly disappointed, and both my students and my brothers can verify that disappointing me is the last thing you want to do."

Okay, so she had gotten better with handling disappointment as she grew up, but Estelle could admit to herself that she was still at least partially a child, solely due to the absolutely stubborn nature with which she sought to find fulfillment throughout her days. Days, weeks, months, years, there were new things that would periodically make themselves apparent to her as being something she wanted to experience, new pieces of information just dying to be accumulated, and if an opportunity was lost, it was a great disappointment no matter how well she was able to hide it from herself. Just as it was repeatedly disappointing every year when she lost the opportunity to stay in Egypt after summer's end, so would losing the opportunity to familiarize herself with this apparent mystery named Liam would be an equally great disappointment. Taking a bite of her lobster, she cheerfully fired the original statement as a question back at him. "You are intending to stay at least another year, right? Or were you also an unintentional teacher? Got any big plans beyond RMI?”

  • “Is that really all you’ve got to say?” Liam gave a mischievous grin as he heard the words leave Estelle’s mouth. They’d managed to find a conversation piece that both of them liked. Something they... more
    • Just as long as I don't start blending in with the lobster — Estelle, Wed Nov 27 18:19
      • Liam chuckled at the way Estelle spoke of her height. She was at least a good foot or so shorter than he, but it didn’t make her adorable like some. Cayden Bloom, one of his new students was a tiny... more
        • “Really this was just a way for me to get back on my feet after… something.” Estelle didn’t generally miss very much. Not to say that she ever managed to pick up on all the subtleties of speech; that ... more
          • Easy for some maybe, but not me.Liam, Sat Nov 30 19:12
            “Can this even be considered a first date, though, seeing as it was totally a set-up? Ordinarily I’d say not a chance, but if you want to make an exception, I wouldn’t be opposed.” Liam tapped his... more
            • And this here night's resolvedEstelle, Wed Dec 18 13:39
              Impatient, she twirled her fork between her fingers and tried not to blatantly stare at Liam while waiting for his answer. Perhaps he was just pretending to be hesitant, the thought reminding her of... more
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