Headmistress Elizabeth Guinevere Warren
Putting the new office to use [Bailey]
Mon Jan 20, 2014 07:01

Elizabeth Guinevere Warren

The etched letters stood solidly in the shimmering bronze of the nameplate that distinguished her door in the Administrative Quarters from the others. The lights in the hallway were far from bright, although it was midday aboveground, but Elizabeth Guinevere had come to realize, over the years, that a fondness for less than bright lighting was just one of the many things that they used to separate themselves from Mugglekind.

She turned the knob, entering her office for the first time. The official exchange of power had occurred that morning, but the Headmistress had taken her time about getting to the Administrative Quarters. After directing the house-elf staff to take her luggage to her new quarters, Elizabeth Guinevere had instructed one of the remaining elves – who went by the name of Kizzy – to show her around the school. And so the little creature had done, chattering about how exciting it was to have a Mistress back at the school – meaning no offense to Master James or Master Toby f course, and absolutely not Master Guido and Miss Mariette or their children, of course not Mistress.

“Thank you for the tour, Kizzy,” Elizabeth Guinevere said with a smile to the floppy-eared elf. “Do you think you could do me another favor?”

“Yes Mistress! Kizzy is here for Mistress’s bidding!” she drew herself up proudly, thin chest swelling.

“Would you let the Deputy Headmistress know that she is to meet me in my office in,” Elizabeth Guinevere checked the small, silver-handed wristwatch whose black band encircled her slim, pale wrist. “twenty minutes?”

“Right away Mistress!” Kizzy chirped before dashing off.

Elizabeth Guinevere’s new office was relatively unremarkable. A large desk stood to the right of the door with a black swivel chair between it and the wall. On the opposite side of the desk sat a pair of chairs that could, most accurately, be called ‘comfortably uncomfortable’. On the far side of the room was a much more comfortable sitting area with three dark leather couches arranged facing each other. In the wall was a fireplace and above the fireplace many shelves, all full of books. The books themselves were of a variety of sorts, both fiction and nonfiction, and in three different languages. EG was fluent in all three, of course: her Beauxbatons education was worth something.

In an alcove on the far left side of the room was the door that led to the private quarters of the Head. Elizabeth Guinevere walked towards the door, neatly tailored black robes swirling around her similarly custom-fitted black boots. Cut to fit the slim woman, the robes didn’t shift anywhere but the hem, which gave off the exact air of controlled elegance that the Headmistress aimed to cultivate.

As instructed, the house-elves had left her luggage on the floor in the small sitting area. Elizabeth Guinevere retrieved a medium-sized wooden box from the pile with a wordless flick of her wand and levitated it back into her office, where she set it down on her desk. With another flick of her wand, the contents of the box – assorted bottles – flew out and arranged themselves in an orderly fashion in the liquor cabinet cleverly embedded in the wall behind her desk. The cabinet snapped itself shut promptly following the final bottle’s arrival.

Once that had been sorted, Elizabeth Guinevere seated herself at her desk, conjured a quill and some dark teal ink, and removed the Deputy Headmistress’s personnel file from the desk drawer Abbadi had indicated it would be in. A cursory flip through indicated that, just as she had expected, the file was less informative than she might have liked. However, it did have a modicum of useful information inside.

Several minutes later, when the knock came at her door, EG was as prepared for the meeting as she had any right to be.

“Come in, Miss Shepard,” the new Headmistress instructed, turning deep blue eyes at the door, quill poised over the parchment she had been taking notes on. “Or is it Miss Richards now?”

    • Your first use is for me? I'm flattered.DH Bailey Richards, Wed Jan 22 22:19
      Elizabeth Guinevere Warren Headmistress Blue eyes read the nameplate over and over, as if somehow repetition would alter the reality. Unfortunately, no matter how many times the name echoed, it was... more
      • Well, you are supposed to be my deputyElizabeth Guinevere, Thu Jan 23 13:03
        ”Thank you, it’s Richards. But you’re welcome to just call me Bailey.” Elizabeth Guinevere made a note on the piece of parchment. Her handwriting was a mixture of neatly conservative and flamboyant,... more
        • Welp, I'm getting fired. Bailey felt her already forced smile slip away as the new Headmistress addressed her, evidently electing to ignore the more casual atmosphere she proposed. She imagined that... more
          • Paranoia inspires an extra effort!Elizabeth Guinevere, Fri Jan 24 11:30
            The Deputy Headmistress could easily be described as a sack of nerves as she vaguely enthused over the students, staff, and school. How the woman thought it was any degree of helpful was completely... more
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