DH Bailey Richards
Your first use is for me? I'm flattered.
Wed Jan 22, 2014 22:19

Elizabeth Guinevere Warren

Blue eyes read the nameplate over and over, as if somehow repetition would alter the reality. Unfortunately, no matter how many times the name echoed, it was hollow. The office behind the name was a familiar one, a place she had visited on both professional and informal occasions numerable times, but now it was a foreign land. She did not know its inhabitant.

In the years since the blonde had first acquired her coaching position, she was fortunate enough to experience three wonderful and unique Headmasters. Toby Morgan was her first real boss, a delightfully cheery fellow with a wonderful daughter. Then there was Gaston Munroe, her "Uncle" and family friend. She had enjoyed seeing him in a position he both enjoyed and deserved. After Aunt Jennie got sick, the Headmaster position had been filled by one James Abbadi, a man Bailey had hardly even known when she accepted the DH job.

But taking it upon herself to know him better had been perhaps one of the best choices of her life. James was such a special person, and she cared for him immensely. He was her partner-in-crimemanagement, and throughout their short time working together, unexpectedly, she grew to love him like a brother.

He was gone now, this woman standing in his place, her name marring his doorway. Bailey knew the obvious disadvantage of becoming attached to coworkers as she had learned it well before: as opportunities surfaced, people came and went. People were tidal waves that were never quite content with the shore upon which they crashed, and, once they had gathered all their little drops up again, they inevitably rolled along their merry way. Perhaps it was her own fault for expecting something else, but seeing James go was extraordinarily painful, inspiring a brief dash of teardrops to dot her cheeks.

Her stalling had left her a couple minutes later than the twenty requested by the new Headmistress, and she tentatively knocked on the door. "Come in, Miss Shepard. Or is it Miss Richards now?" came the immediate response.

Obviously, the woman had prepared for this, which only set Bailey further on edge. "Thank you. It's Richards," the twenty-seven year old smiled nervously, the change in name still tickling her tongue. "But you're welcome to just call me Bailey." She was a bit of a stickler about students calling her Miss/Coach/whatever (excluding her cousins and Matt), but Bailey preferred to be on a first-name basis with adults. It simplified things, if nothing else.

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    • Your first use is for me? I'm flattered. — DH Bailey Richards, Wed Jan 22 22:19
      • Well, you are supposed to be my deputyElizabeth Guinevere, Thu Jan 23 13:03
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