Elizabeth Guinevere
Well, you are supposed to be my deputy
Thu Jan 23, 2014 13:03

”Thank you, it’s Richards. But you’re welcome to just call me Bailey.”

Elizabeth Guinevere made a note on the piece of parchment. Her handwriting was a mixture of neatly conservative and flamboyant, some letters ending in strictly unnecessary curlicues as others seemed terse, truncated before their time. She liked her handwriting and had gone to an effort to make it as readable and unique as it was. It was well-suited to writing utensils that used ink – not the cheap pens sold by Muggle shops, but the sort of ink one stored in bottles and transferred carefully to inkwells or cartridges before writing. The ritual of preparing the ink before putting pen to parchment was one EG enjoyed immensely.

“Miss Richards,” EG began, ignoring both the Deputy Headmistress’s request for first-name familiarity and the concept of introductory phrases, as was her wont, “what is your opinion of the current state of the school?”

Although Elizabeth Guinevere’s English was unaccented, she spoke succinctly, seeming to conserve her effort in pronouncing each syllable. It wasn’t quite to the point of being able to be described as ‘clipped’ but it was certainly efficient. EG was a strong proponent of efficiency. While she believed in taking one’s time to understand a system, she also believed that time taken should be used in the most worthwhile way possible while also remaining stylistically pleasant.

These beliefs strayed beyond her personal interactions and into her manner of dress. The majority of her wardrobe was in dark colors, suitable for any occasion while lending her a permanent advantage in maintaining the calm and contained presence she valued in both herself and others. It was something that Elizabeth Guinevere had found many Americans eschewed, seemingly lacking an understanding in the implied competence of having a well put-together image. To that end, the new Headmistress made sure that her boots were always perfectly blacked, her make-up light and complementary, and her hair – dark and just longer than shoulder-length and slightly wavy – neat.

She smiled gracefully at Bailey Richards, waiting for the few-years-younger woman to respond. Elizabeth Guinevere was curious to hear what sort of mess she had stepped into by taking this particular position.

  • Your first use is for me? I'm flattered.DH Bailey Richards, Wed Jan 22 22:19
    Elizabeth Guinevere Warren Headmistress Blue eyes read the nameplate over and over, as if somehow repetition would alter the reality. Unfortunately, no matter how many times the name echoed, it was... more
    • Well, you are supposed to be my deputy — Elizabeth Guinevere, Thu Jan 23 13:03
      • Welp, I'm getting fired. Bailey felt her already forced smile slip away as the new Headmistress addressed her, evidently electing to ignore the more casual atmosphere she proposed. She imagined that... more
        • Paranoia inspires an extra effort!Elizabeth Guinevere, Fri Jan 24 11:30
          The Deputy Headmistress could easily be described as a sack of nerves as she vaguely enthused over the students, staff, and school. How the woman thought it was any degree of helpful was completely... more
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