The "supposed to be" part makes me paranoid.
Thu Jan 23, 2014 22:38

Welp, I'm getting fired. Bailey felt her already forced smile slip away as the new Headmistress addressed her, evidently electing to ignore the more casual atmosphere she proposed. She imagined that maybe she would get to keep the coaching job, but her days as DH were definitely numbered. For whatever reason, it seemed this Elizabeth Guinevere Warren woman had already decided to dislike her.

She spoke slowly, obvious contemplation in every word she uttered. "I think we were doing quite well last semester. Not any more trouble than you'd expect. We're lucky enough to have great kids and great staff too. And we should be all caught up as far as paperwork goes." In honesty, she was proud of RMI; the kids worked hard, and it showed. For her it was most apparent on the Pitch or in their files--for obvious reasons--but in the theatre and other clubs, she saw the effort RMI's student base overwhelmingly produced. It was a 110% school for sure.

"You're inheriting an awesome place here," the blonde added earnestly. Of course, this woman was so... different from the prior Headmasters, so just how much she would enjoy it was completely debatable. Nonetheless, Bailey loved RMI; over the years it had become essentially her home.

But Headmistress Warren was also quite different from her, as clearly indicated by her mannerisms and even appearance. Her stuffy composure and dark clothing suggested someone strict and reserved, but Bailey was much bolder, soaked in brightness. The sloppy blonde ponytail was enough indication without even accounting for her less-than-formal attire.

"Mind if I sit?" posed the Coach, her words accompanied by a small gesture toward the vacant chair nearest her. She hated for her body language to give away any more of her nerves than already managed, and it would be more easily masked from a seated position, where she would not find herself rocking on her heels as she did now. Anyway, it can't possibly get any worse.

  • Well, you are supposed to be my deputyElizabeth Guinevere, Thu Jan 23 13:03
    ”Thank you, it’s Richards. But you’re welcome to just call me Bailey.” Elizabeth Guinevere made a note on the piece of parchment. Her handwriting was a mixture of neatly conservative and flamboyant,... more
    • The "supposed to be" part makes me paranoid. — Bailey, Thu Jan 23 22:38
      • Paranoia inspires an extra effort!Elizabeth Guinevere, Fri Jan 24 11:30
        The Deputy Headmistress could easily be described as a sack of nerves as she vaguely enthused over the students, staff, and school. How the woman thought it was any degree of helpful was completely... more
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