Elizabeth Guinevere
Paranoia inspires an extra effort!
Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:30

The Deputy Headmistress could easily be described as a sack of nerves as she vaguely enthused over the students, staff, and school. How the woman thought it was any degree of helpful was completely beyond Elizabeth Guinevere, but she was beginning to suspect she would be feeling that way frequently about Bailey Richards. Between her more than obvious nerves and the clothing that would be better suited for a Quidditch Pitch than an administrator’s office, it was clear that Miss Richards had stumbled upon her position by no more than an accident of association and perhaps a fondness held for her by the students. Although the first was inconsequential – Abbadi had been called away on business and was no longer in a position to influence the school – the second held a degree of relevance. Above all, Elizabeth Guinevere understood that the students’ opinions and temperament were what decided how things ran on a large scale.

“Of course,” the Headmistress responded to Miss Richard’s request to take a seat. With a wave of her wand she conjured a pair of tulip glasses; with a hooked flick of the wooden instrument, she Summoned a bottle from the cabinet behind her.

Elizabeth Guinevere was fond of wandless magic. Aside from the obvious connotation of magical strength it entailed, it was also efficient, wasting no time on inconsequential orders that had no real purpose outside of the psychological.

“Your enthusiasm speaks for itself,” Elizabeth Guinevere said with a smile, not adding that it didn’t speak for anything else that might have been even slightly useful. “What responsibilities have you taken up as the Deputy Headmistress? It seems like an unusual burden for a Quidditch Coach to find herself with.”

  • Welp, I'm getting fired. Bailey felt her already forced smile slip away as the new Headmistress addressed her, evidently electing to ignore the more casual atmosphere she proposed. She imagined that... more
    • Paranoia inspires an extra effort! — Elizabeth Guinevere, Fri Jan 24 11:30
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