Deputy Head de Villiers
A Meeting with the Headmistress!
Sat Jun 21, 2014 16:58

Emilian had been having a good term so far, the only thing was he had yet to find a suitable woman to be his wife. It was a rather annoying that woman didn’t want to marry a rich man who just didn’t want to be faithful. Why were all the gold diggers married already? He frowned as he looked at his watch, he had a meeting at 4:30 with Elizabeth Guiverene. The two Heads usually corresponded by owls so this face to face meeting was odd. He wasn’t nervous, not after he had basically run this damn school by himself for the first few weeks. She wasn’t going to fire him, not if he had anything to say about it.

Emilian stood up and glanced at his outfit. After his being with Ms. Warren, he was going to meet a prospective wife so he had to look good. He wore a chocolate brown suit, with a light blue shirt. His black hair was slicked back and he wore a pair of black slip on Prada’s. Around his left wrist was Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication watch. It was a watch more expensive than most Muggle cars, or houses.

The Professor nodded at himself tucked his wand into the holster on his right wrist, made sure that his suit covered it and he walked out of his apartments. He walked down the halls to the Headmistress’ office. He knocked at precisely 4:30 and without waiting for Elizabeth to invite him in he opened the door and smiled at her. “Good afternoon Ms. Warren.” he said maybe accenting his English a bit more than normally.

    • Contemplating turning that "meeting" into a "beheading"Headmistress Elizabeth Guinevere Warren, Sat Jun 21 17:35
      Elizabeth Guinevere Warren raised one eyebrow as her Deputy Head waltzed into her office without so much as a word of permission. She wasn't surprised. Elizabeth Guinevere had made the appointment,... more
      • Don't behead me, I'm too charming! Emilian , Sat Jun 21 18:00
        Emilian smirked at Elizabeth Guinevere’s raised eyebrow. He didn’t care about what she thought of him. Sure, she had some minor things to expose to the world, no one would be shocked to know that a... more
        • ...what if I just *nearly* behead you :pElizabeth Guinevere, Sat Jun 21 18:29
          Oh dear Merlin . This was why they didn't have face to face meetings. Elizabeth Guinevere didn't actually roll her eyes once she realized what a cultured pissing contest her conversation with Emilian ... more
          • Emilian could read that Elizabeth Guinevere was annoyed at her Deputy Headmaster and he loved it. Emilian didn’t have a lot going on since he was keeping away from his little minions for a bit until... more
            • That sounds far too useful to be something you doElizabeth Guinevere, Sat Jun 21 19:30
              Emilian's little horde of Pureblooded miscreants aside, Elizabeth Guinevere could not comprehend what made the man so set on keeping his Dueling Club around. She didn't mind it - her Deputy... more
              • I'm useful!Emilian , Sat Jun 21 19:58
                Emilian couldn’t believe his luck, here he thought the Headmistress was going to blackmail him some more instead she actually wanted him to do work. What a pleasant surprise! "Who would your proposed ... more
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