Elizabeth Guinevere
...what if I just *nearly* behead you :p
Sat Jun 21, 2014 18:29

Oh dear Merlin.

This was why they didn't have face to face meetings.

Elizabeth Guinevere didn't actually roll her eyes once she realized what a cultured pissing contest her conversation with Emilian was about to become, but she acknowledged the idea's existence. If she was the sort of person who entertained nervous habits or tics, she might have taken this moment to brush back her short, dark hair. But since she neither maintained those habits nor exercised negligence when it came to putting her hair to rights in the morning, EG had no reason to do anything of the sort. Instead, she picked her quill back up and made a note that the Quidditch program still lacked popularity. From the notes she had been left by former Heads, it seemed as though the sport's hayday had been long ago.

Although the Headmistress hadn't quite written off the idea of replacing the Quidditch program with a well-fielded Quodpot team, she suspected the school bureaucracy would not be in favor. The jury was still out on whether or not Quodpot actively violated any terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"I will remind you," Elizabeth Guinevere said, "that as administrators we are responsible for administration of the budget as well as the students." She finished making the note about Quidditch.

"Overall, I don't think the extracurriculars offer much of a benefit," the Headmistress continued, looking up to meet Emilian's gaze. "I don't really see any sort of competitive spirit or House pride going around, which I believe is the point of that sort of thing. I understand a desire for student representation, but the students themselves don't seem engaged in the idea."

As she spoke, Elizabeth Guinevere had been writing down the names of the student groups available. She had placed a questionmark next to Quidditch, but had already drawn a line through the Student Government. As far as she was aware, there had never been an administrative need for an entire government made of students to begin with. What that sort of group would even get up to was far beyond her. Aside from the paperwork and occasional chastisement of students, the actual administration was straightforward enough to be properly handled by one or two. Why would student life be any different?

"I've been thinking about re-instituting the traditional system," Elizabeth Guinevere added, a long moment later. "Would you be opposed?"

  • Don't behead me, I'm too charming! Emilian , Sat Jun 21 18:00
    Emilian smirked at Elizabeth Guinevereís raised eyebrow. He didnít care about what she thought of him. Sure, she had some minor things to expose to the world, no one would be shocked to know that a... more
    • ...what if I just *nearly* behead you :p — Elizabeth Guinevere, Sat Jun 21 18:29
      • Emilian could read that Elizabeth Guinevere was annoyed at her Deputy Headmaster and he loved it. Emilian didnít have a lot going on since he was keeping away from his little minions for a bit until... more
        • That sounds far too useful to be something you doElizabeth Guinevere, Sat Jun 21 19:30
          Emilian's little horde of Pureblooded miscreants aside, Elizabeth Guinevere could not comprehend what made the man so set on keeping his Dueling Club around. She didn't mind it - her Deputy... more
          • I'm useful!Emilian , Sat Jun 21 19:58
            Emilian couldnít believe his luck, here he thought the Headmistress was going to blackmail him some more instead she actually wanted him to do work. What a pleasant surprise! "Who would your proposed ... more
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