Elizabeth Guinevere
That sounds far too useful to be something you do
Sat Jun 21, 2014 19:30

Emilian's little horde of Pureblooded miscreants aside, Elizabeth Guinevere could not comprehend what made the man so set on keeping his Dueling Club around. She didn't mind it - her Deputy Headmaster tended to keep his things under his control, making it an administrative non-issue for the Headmistress - but it confused her nonetheless. EG had never been a fan of extracurricular activities. Her time at Beauxbatons had been spent socializing appropriately and studying. Honestly, it had been more studying than anything else, although that was not the impression she liked to give.

Her time at Beauxbatons had been well-spent cultivating recognition and respect, and that was the end of that as far as she was concerned. It just hadn't left Elizabeth Guinevere with an understanding of why anyone in their right mind would choose to participate in clubs.

"Excellent." At least Emilian agreed with her about the SGA being overwhelmingly useless. At the end of the day, the two administrators were more similar than either one of them would care to admit. If Elizabeth Guinevere was the sort of person who worked well with others, she would have chalked the success of that endeavor up to their similarity. Since she was not, she attributed it to Emilian's almost total disinterest in doing anything he did not strictly have to. It did not escape the woman that she shared that trait as well, but EG felt no need to bring it up in conversation, internal or otherwise.

"Who would your proposed candidates for the new positions be?" she asked. Emilian knew the students far better than Elizabeth Guinevere, although the Headmistress recognized that she would probably have to vet his submissions for her sanity.

  • Emilian could read that Elizabeth Guinevere was annoyed at her Deputy Headmaster and he loved it. Emilian didnít have a lot going on since he was keeping away from his little minions for a bit until... more
    • That sounds far too useful to be something you do — Elizabeth Guinevere, Sat Jun 21 19:30
      • I'm useful!Emilian , Sat Jun 21 19:58
        Emilian couldnít believe his luck, here he thought the Headmistress was going to blackmail him some more instead she actually wanted him to do work. What a pleasant surprise! "Who would your proposed ... more
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