I'm useful!
Sat Jun 21, 2014 19:58

Emilian couldn’t believe his luck, here he thought the Headmistress was going to blackmail him some more instead she actually wanted him to do work. What a pleasant surprise! "Who would your proposed candidates for the new positions be?" she asked.

She was going to let him help with this? Well it made sense, he had been here longer and had seen most of the children in the school. He thought for a moment. “I would say for Head Girl, either Amelia Knight, or Aerin Griffiths. Aerin seems a bit more down to earth and would make a great Head Girl.”

He crossed his leg and thought about the Seventh year boys. The only name that came up as a gung ho schoolboy was Riley Finn. He was a Qudditch Captain, in the school play, and had come out for SGA. “Riley Finn is your Head Boy. He’s smart, follows the rules, and is an active part of the community.”

“The Aquila prefect should be Henry Knight, he’s the only one who comes to mind. For Draco, I’d go with Pamela Wrey or Starr Colindale.” He paused going over the list of students in his mind. “Carrick Pendergast is an exceptional student. and Charline Adler would be the best for Lyra.” He paused surprised at home quickly all the names had come to him. Maybe he did like teaching more than he thought he did.

  • That sounds far too useful to be something you doElizabeth Guinevere, Sat Jun 21 19:30
    Emilian's little horde of Pureblooded miscreants aside, Elizabeth Guinevere could not comprehend what made the man so set on keeping his Dueling Club around. She didn't mind it - her Deputy... more
    • I'm useful! — Emilian , Sat Jun 21 19:58
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