Not sorry to be interrupted
Mon Jun 23, 2014 22:54

Garen felt like his brain was working in slow motion, and it was a moment before the knock on his door resolved into meaning. He slammed the black folder shut, as though he’d been caught looking at something he shouldn’t have seen.

He felt very much like he should not have seen the folder’s contents. Retrospectively, he should probably have known from the black paper, the fact that they were filed separately from the other alumni, the vague half-pieces of pureblood gossip he’d heard about the Jacobs’ heir, absences from the reunion talent show—but none of those details had seemed very important at the time, and none of them were important now.

“Door’s open.” Garen wiped his eyes with the back of his wrist before the door opened. With any luck, he didn’t look too obviously post-weeping. There wasn’t much else he could do at this point, anyway; it was too late to attempt a charm to ensure he looked presentable. He hoped he was cleaned up well enough. Garen mentally ran down the list of current RMI residents and realized that, in a place where he had once known and been friendly with nearly everyone, there was no one who he wouldn’t mind if they noticed he’d been crying in the last few minutes. Addi, perhaps, but he didn’t really want her to see him having a moment like that.

What he really wanted was Juliet, or Toby, or Eliana, or Ward, or Aaron, or Zeke, or the dog he’d never actually had, or any of the older alumni, the ones who had graduated during his first few years—the ones who were adults now (even if thinking of them that way gave him a nostalgic pang), with families and successful careers and cream folders in the filing cabinet where they belonged.

The door opened. Garen had made an effort to learn all the new faces, and he was especially on the ball with the Lyras. He recognized Charline Adler, and made a quick jump to assuming the younger boy was her brother Benjamin. “Hello,” he said, all pleasant smiles and thirty years of theatrical training. Garen gestured to the couch in the center of the room. It faced the desk and was big enough for two, but was flanked by smaller, less comfortable chairs at slight angles, in case the siblings didn’t want to sit together. “You can sit down if you like. What can I do for you?”

  • Not exactly sorry to interrupt Benjamin and Charline Adler, Sat Jun 7 18:22
    Charline had ambushed him in the Diner the previous night, a tiny frown forming on her face. She had taken one look at the bird tied to the leg of Benjamin’s chair and reached out to pat her brother... more
    • Not sorry to be interrupted — Garen, Mon Jun 23 22:54
      • Glad to see we agree on something Benjamin and Charline Adler, Tue Jun 24 16:13
        Upon entering the office, Charline could see they had interrupted something. The counselor appeared a little unwell however she did not dwell on this observation for very long. They had business to... more
        • We can find something else to agree onGaren, Thu Jun 26 09:57
          Garen did his best to keep his sigh inaudible when he realized that Charline intended to stand for their entire encounter. The ones who declined a seat were, without fail, problematic. Maybe I should ... more
          • I like your optimism Ben & Charline , Tue Jul 1 14:29
            Charline was dissatisfied by these new arrangements and she sensed that Tennant knew of her reluctance. There was nothing to be gained from making a scene and so she had bowed her head murmured, “... more
            • How am I gonna be an optimist about thisGaren, Thu Jul 3 18:42
              Garen Tennant breathed an internal sigh of relief as Charline exited with minimal resistance. He was dividing and conquering, as it were. Not that he expected particularly productive conversations... more
              • Now I'm not going to be an optimist about this Charline (and some Benjamin), Wed Jul 16 15:17
                He returned to her with stubble on his chin. The dust from the cookies had settled there, when Charline, wiped them aside the crumbs felt rough against her skin. She chose not to chide him for the... more
                • Aw, why not?Garen, Sun Jul 20 02:27
                  For the briefest instant, Garen had hoped for a conversation that wasn’t like pulling teeth—that Charline might not return every question with another question, and that they could both feel it was a ... more
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