Benjamin and Charline Adler
Glad to see we agree on something
Tue Jun 24, 2014 16:13

Upon entering the office, Charline could see they had interrupted something. The counselor appeared a little unwell however she did not dwell on this observation for very long. They had business to attend to.

Immediately, Benjamin took a seat on the sofa, his shoulders hunched over with a look of great discomfort on his face. Charline remained standing. She felt as though this small act of defiance gave her more power over the situation. Things would have to be done on her terms or not at all. It had clearly been set up for Charline to do most of the talking and it wasn’t like Benjamin had much to say. He didn’t think there was any need for the counselor to talk to them at all.

Charline smiled at the man in what she hoped was a friendly manner. “Hello, Mr Tennant. My name is Charline Adler and this is my brother, Benjamin,” she gestured towards the boy in a casual manner. “We’re sorry to bother you sir, it’s’s my brother. I’ve been frantic with worry, Mr Tennant,” she said, yet the calm tone of her voice failed to back up the statement.

Benjamin scowled.

“Benjamin, has had problems- with socialising, making friends. He has been quite unhappy. I believe the problem stems from his unhealthy, frankly dangerous attachment to Hu- that duck,” she blushed at the near slip-up. It wouldn’t do her any good to start referring to the creature by name as though it were an intellectual being with a human soul.

At this Benjamin lurched forward in his chair, almost toppling off the seat completely,“Dat is not true!” Shocked by his own outburst, the Draco slowly settled back down against the seat and mumbled with less confidence, “I mean only dat he is no danger. Hubert is harmless.”

With difficulty, Charline concealed her annoyance. Had she been in closer proximity to Benjamin, she would have pinched the boy to remind him to keep his mouth shut. Perhaps, it was lucky she was unable to do so. She did, after all, have a reputation for violence which would put her in Counselor Tennant’s bad books if witnessed. “Please, sir. There must be something you can do to make him see sense. It isn’t natural and no good can come of his dependence on a farmyard animal!”

She found herself becoming increasingly agitated the more she thought about the feathered creature. It brought with it a bad reputation for the Adler family and Charline felt that between herself and her brother, it was already battered enough. There was no telling if a decade of damage would allow the family’s influence to survive. As much as she cared for her brother the extended family expected, rather than feared, for him to ultimately tarnish the name. Really, she was only helping him to prove them all wrong. If only Benjamin would stop being so blind and realise this.

This time Benjamin remained silent. His eyes sought Tennant’s and silently pleaded with the man to spare him the humiliation. Perhaps, Tennant was aware that his sister was cuckoo. Then he’d let Benjamin go and play with Hubert all he wanted. Counselling was a stupid idea and he could not help wondering how he became such a pushover. Surely, a real man would have put his foot down because no one was supposed to take orders from girls.

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    • Glad to see we agree on something — Benjamin and Charline Adler, Tue Jun 24 16:13
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