We can find something else to agree on
Thu Jun 26, 2014 09:57

Garen did his best to keep his sigh inaudible when he realized that Charline intended to stand for their entire encounter. The ones who declined a seat were, without fail, problematic. Maybe I should just tell people to take a seat, instead of saying they can sit down if they like. Makes things much easier.

Benjamin Adler clearly had no interest in being in his office. This was the first time Garen had seen the Draco without his usual avian shadow; Garen would bet his next paycheck that this was Charline’s doing. He agreed—in a very loose sense of the word—that Benjamin’s familiar was a bit unusual. Benjamin’s folder contained a Healer’s note explaining that the duck was medically necessary. Garen was unwilling to contest the note, partially because he didn’t want to clash with the Adlers and partially because he had a soft spot for counter-culture pets. The evidence of this was perched in the corner of his office in the form of a blue and gold macaw, who occasionally cawed Shakespeare quotes at visiting students.

When Charline and Benjamin finished talking (“talking” being a euphemism for Charline’s histrionics and Benjamin’s agonized expressions), Garen nodded thoughtfully. “Charline, I think it would help if I talked to your brother alone first. Would you mind waiting outside while we have a chat about the duck situation?” The session, he knew, would go much more smoothly without Charline. “There’s a chair beside the door. Don’t go away, I think I’d like to talk to you afterwards.”

Garen waited for the door to close behind Charline. He pulled open his topmost desk drawer, smiled slightly at the picture of Jessie’s most recent sonogram, and drew his wand. The counselor waved the wand once at the door. “Privacy spell,” he told Benjamin, as the wall took on a grayish sheen. “In case she has any ideas about listening in.”

He picked up a round metal tin from his desk, opened it, and offered it to Benjamin. “Cookie?” Kizzy, head of RMI’s house elves, was apparently so pleased about Garen being back that she insisted the house elves ensure he always had fresh chocolate chip cookies for his office. Garen didn’t have the heart to discourage this—especially when he’d already had to talk to them about not spoiling Andrew.

“So,” he said, after having a bite of cookie, “I think it’s safe to say your sister overreacted a bit. No one is going to take Hubert away from you—although, as always, you should heed your professors if they request you not bring him to class.” He had a feeling that a few staff members were unhappy about a duck attending their lessons. “Is it true that you’re having trouble making friends, though?” That would be a problem which he could and should address.

  • Glad to see we agree on something Benjamin and Charline Adler, Tue Jun 24 16:13
    Upon entering the office, Charline could see they had interrupted something. The counselor appeared a little unwell however she did not dwell on this observation for very long. They had business to... more
    • We can find something else to agree on — Garen, Thu Jun 26 09:57
      • I like your optimism Ben & Charline , Tue Jul 1 14:29
        Charline was dissatisfied by these new arrangements and she sensed that Tennant knew of her reluctance. There was nothing to be gained from making a scene and so she had bowed her head murmured, “... more
        • How am I gonna be an optimist about thisGaren, Thu Jul 3 18:42
          Garen Tennant breathed an internal sigh of relief as Charline exited with minimal resistance. He was dividing and conquering, as it were. Not that he expected particularly productive conversations... more
          • Now I'm not going to be an optimist about this Charline (and some Benjamin), Wed Jul 16 15:17
            He returned to her with stubble on his chin. The dust from the cookies had settled there, when Charline, wiped them aside the crumbs felt rough against her skin. She chose not to chide him for the... more
            • Aw, why not?Garen, Sun Jul 20 02:27
              For the briefest instant, Garen had hoped for a conversation that wasn’t like pulling teeth—that Charline might not return every question with another question, and that they could both feel it was a ... more
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