Ben & Charline
I like your optimism
Tue Jul 1, 2014 14:29

Charline was dissatisfied by these new arrangements and she sensed that Tennant knew of her reluctance. There was nothing to be gained from making a scene and so she had bowed her head murmured, “ Not at all, sir” and left. The entire time she silently cursed the man and wondered whether he was trying to undermine her. Perhaps, this had been a mistake after all. It had been foolish to hope the staff of RMI might understand her reasoning, might care about her family and actually take sensible steps to help the more fragile students under their care. She waited no time at all before pressing her ear up against the door yet no sound reached her. The Lyra sighed, her shoulder leaning against the door frame. Out of all the people in the world she had to be stuck with the odd little brother. Why couldn’t she have more normality in her life? She could only pray that Magdalena might grow up with more sense than the whole lot of them.

Benjamin watched his sister’s retreating figure with mixed feelings. It would be easier to speak to the counselor without Charline’s eyes boring into him. However, with her went the only thing standing between himself and the man sitting opposite him. Regardless of her own opinions on the matter, Charline would never allow the man to cut into him too harshly, nor was Benjamin likely to be dragged away by men in white coats with her around. He turned his eyes on Tennant, studying the stranger with uncertainty. The mention of a privacy spell did cause a goofy grin to appear on his face, which remained when the cookies quickly appeared. Gingerly, he helped himself to one. Benjamin had never been one to refuse something sweet.

As the man continued to speak, Benjamin relaxed further. He had quickly chewed his way through the cookie and automatically reached for another one. It never occurred to him to worry of being perceived as a glutton. He blushed, faintly, at the mention of the duck attending class. It was true that he had smuggled Hubert into many although he had refrained from doing so quite as frequently this term. Still, Tennant seemed to be on his side. Hubert wasn’t going to be the main course at dinner tonight and Benjamin wouldn’t be having his mind examined by healers just yet.

It was only once he mentioned “trouble making friends” that Benjamin remembered to be on his guard. Immediately he replied, “No.”

There was little chance Tennant had missed the defensive tone with which the word was delivered. Benjamin felt stupid and silly, sitting there discussing his circle of friends. Friends which didn’t exactly exist. It wasn’t that he didn’t get along with anyone- there was his old roommate, Justin and Paulo York. He exchanged pleasantries with both these boys and had Benjamin wanted friends he decided he would easily have some. But he didn’t want them. Or so he told himself. Animals were easier, less demanding and without all the hidden meanings people dressed their words with.

“ not have many but dat is not to say I is needing friends,” he sounded unsure of himself, therefore to soften any of Tennant’s anxieties, he added, “I am happy.”

Besides, it was difficult to know who his Papa would approve of and who he would not. Things were simpler with Hubert- although he supposed Ulrich didn't like the duck very much either.

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