How am I gonna be an optimist about this
Thu Jul 3, 2014 18:42

Garen Tennant breathed an internal sigh of relief as Charline exited with minimal resistance. He was dividing and conquering, as it were. Not that he expected particularly productive conversations with either of the Adlers—conquering, in this case, was a loose term—but he could try.

As far as advice, though, there wasn’t much else he could offer. Normally he’d recommend joining or starting a club to make friends, but Ben had no shortage of extracurriculars. He was already involved in the Drama Club (granted, pit wasn’t the most social of the theater groups, but they had a four-man band) and was the Beater and Assistant Captain for Draco’s Quidditch team. Garen thought he sounded a bit defensive—but what twelve-year-old whose sister had dragged him to the school counselor wouldn’t be defensive?

“Okay,” Garen said slowly. It was normal for kids to have periods where they didn’t have a lot of friends, and Garen didn’t think it would be a problem. He’d send Emilian a memo, make sure the Head of House knew to keep an eye on Ben and make sure he really was doing okay. As long as he didn’t seem isolated or lonely, it was probably all right. “Well, if you have any questions about anything, or just want to talk some time, my door’s always open. In the meantime, could you send your sister in? Oh, and—take another cookie for the road. I can’t eat all of them.”

He waited for the Lyra to enter his office. Garen didn’t think he could sway Charline into cooperation with cookies. Benjamin hadn’t be cooperative, per se, but he hadn’t been unpleasant to talk to. Charline was an entirely different case.

“Thanks for bringing Benjamin by,” he said. The cookie jar was open, and Charline was welcome to take one, but he didn’t verbally offer. He doubted it would be appreciated. “We had a nice talk, and I think you’ll see less of the duck from now on.” That was… marginally true, if Ben stopped bringing Hubert to class with him. “It’s good that Ben has a sister who cares about him so much. Do you look after him a lot at home, too?”

It was hopefully an innocent enough question that Charline wouldn’t think twice about answering it. Brecht, boys were so much easier to handle than girls. Garen had no idea what he was going to do if Baby #2 was a girl.

  • I like your optimism Ben & Charline , Tue Jul 1 14:29
    Charline was dissatisfied by these new arrangements and she sensed that Tennant knew of her reluctance. There was nothing to be gained from making a scene and so she had bowed her head murmured, “... more
    • How am I gonna be an optimist about this — Garen, Thu Jul 3 18:42
      • Now I'm not going to be an optimist about this Charline (and some Benjamin), Wed Jul 16 15:17
        He returned to her with stubble on his chin. The dust from the cookies had settled there, when Charline, wiped them aside the crumbs felt rough against her skin. She chose not to chide him for the... more
        • Aw, why not?Garen, Sun Jul 20 02:27
          For the briefest instant, Garen had hoped for a conversation that wasn’t like pulling teeth—that Charline might not return every question with another question, and that they could both feel it was a ... more
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