Aw, why not?
Sun Jul 20, 2014 02:27

For the briefest instant, Garen had hoped for a conversation that wasn’t like pulling teeth—that Charline might not return every question with another question, and that they could both feel it was a productive meeting after they finished talking. The Lyra dashed that hope almost immediately. Feeling a bit like a snuffed-out candle, Garen nodded patiently while Charline replied.

“I wouldn’t know, myself,” he decided to say. “Only child. But I can imagine.” Thinking of Katrina and Abby, Garen could see her point. (Then again, Cindra and Cosette tipped the scales in the other direction—and of course, he’d mentally disqualified anyone with “McKindy” in their name, partly because twins and triplets left little room for age difference and partly because the surplus of multiples was the least strange thing about the family.) Andrew was already protective of Baby #2; he liked to draw pictures for Jessie and the baby, had taken to calling the baby “my baby,” and was suggesting names for his impending little brother or sister.

Garen had already rejected “Jessie” six times, along with “Baby” and several coworkers’ names. It’d taken some explaining to get Andrew to understand why he couldn’t use those names. His son hadn’t been impressed with Garen’s logic.

Strange, though, that Charline used the word required. Garen wasn’t sure if the lexical choice was standard pureblood formality or actually significant. She hadn’t said that that was just what older siblings did; she’d said it was a requirement, like she had no choice in the matter.

“But I would think parents were more involved in looking out for their kids,” he added casually. “Although when both of your parents are busy, it must be nice to have a brother and sister to talk to, yeah?”

  • Now I'm not going to be an optimist about this Charline (and some Benjamin), Wed Jul 16 15:17
    He returned to her with stubble on his chin. The dust from the cookies had settled there, when Charline, wiped them aside the crumbs felt rough against her skin. She chose not to chide him for the... more
    • Aw, why not? — Garen, Sun Jul 20 02:27
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