Siobhan Gallico
Special pie delivery! [Tag: any staffie]
Fri Aug 15, 2014 02:28

It was quite nice not to have to prepare one’s own meals, or to do laundry, and goodness knew Siobhan Gallico had never liked cleaning the bathroom, even with magic. She certainly liked RMI much better than the university her husband had previously been employed at. Yes, his salary had been higher, but they’d lived in a condo and not had house elves to manage cooking and upkeep.

Still, she did miss some domestic chores. Baking especially had been her passion, and after four and a half years of eating RMI’s desserts, Siobhan just wanted a home-made huckleberry pie.

It had taken nearly an hour to persuade Antoine, the house elf in charge of the kitchen, to allow her to bake a pie in their kitchen. She’d been disappointed to discover that they didn’t actually have huckleberries, but by then she was already in the kitchen, and it seemed unlikely Antoine would let her in a second time. He had already, she noticed, posted one of the younger elves as a sort of guard to make sure she didn’t mess anything up. It was hardly necessary, Siobhan thought crossly, but she knew he didn’t intend to be rude. Antoine ran a tight ship, and it was probably good that he took so much pride in the state of his kitchen.

She mixed blackberries and blueberries instead, which with an extra ounce of sugar tasted almost like huckleberries. An hour later, the kitchen smelled glorious; the fruity, sweet smell of her pie had mixed with the savory scent of tonight’s meat and potatoes in a very homey way. Siobhan policed off a slice topped with vanilla ice cream. Her guard had a spoonful as well, and was quick to admit that the pie “is being very tasty, Mistress Gallico, very tasty indeed!”

Having made a tasty pie didn’t prevent Antoine from shooing her out of the kitchen as soon as he could. He gave her a charmed box to keep the pie hot, a charmed cooler to keep the ice cream cold, and an excuse that they really needed to work on dinner but it had been very nice having her there. By the time Siobhan got back to the administrative quarters, she’d decided that she and Robert couldn’t possibly eat the whole pie themselves, and their son wasn’t bringing his family to visit for another month. Although he really should—he knows Quinn is our only grandchild and as grandparents, we’re entitled to see him and spoil him. They still live in Michigan, so Aletha’s parents get to see him all the time—and Aletha’s brother and sisters all have kids too, so it’s just not fair for us.

With the excess of pie in mind, Siobhan knocked on the first of their neighbor’s doors. She’d met all the staff and their families, of course, but spatial memory had never been Siobhan’s strong suit, and she wasn’t quite sure who lived behind the door she knocked on. “Good afternoon,” she said, smiling. “Would you like some pie? I got into one of my baking moods, and the house elf in charge—Antoine?—well, he let me in the kitchen. Of course, Robert and I really shouldn’t eat the whole thing ourselves, and I thought you might enjoy some.

“It’s black-and-blueberry,” she added, holding up the box. “And there’s vanilla ice cream here as well, if you want it—I always thought a hot slice of fruit pie just wasn’t complete without ice cream on top.”

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