Adisynne Leppit
Wed Sep 17, 2014 23:31

Morning shifts were Addi’s least favorite thing in the entire world. She hated being awake early herself, and when she had to get up early to leave, she almost always woke up Tycho. He had gotten into a swing of sleeping more lightly than she would have liked, and just like his mother, he was not a morning person.

The only bright side to today thus far was that she had gotten off early, and since Tycho was with the sitter a while longer, the strawberry blonde so no harming in taking some reprieve. It was a rarity to find alone time, and while she felt a little bad, she did need the “me-time”. She would just spend the evening with her son. For now, it felt wonderful to sit back, put her feet up, and relax.

Except she didn’t get to relax long, because a knock sounded suddenly at the door. Dammit, she thought. How’d they find me out? With painstaking slowness she pulled herself from her second-hand recliner (yard sale, thirty five bucks, booyah) and slumped toward the door, progressively putting on the happy smile mothers used to greet their babbling tots home from the sitter’s.

But beyond the door was not her son. It was Mrs. Siobhan Gallico, wife of the slightly terrifying Professor Gallico, and she was probably the nicest woman ever. The Lyra alumna very much liked her, but she looked at the woman with a gentle confusion as to what exactly she could want, especially since Addi was fairly convinced Professor Gallico hated her.

Good afternoon. Would you like some pie?” She had a bunch of other words, but nothing else mattered. And she held up the box and announced flavors, and in that moment, Addi new for certain that God was real.

“Oh my God, Mrs. G!” exclaimed the twenty-one year old. “You’re the best!” She embraced the older woman somewhat forcefully (although not enough to harm the pie) and released her a moment later. “Seriously, this is amazing. Would you like to come in?” Blue eyes darted toward her living room, which was a bit of a mess, but she was certain Mrs. Gallico would understand. Parenthood, right?

  • Special pie delivery! [Tag: any staffie]Siobhan Gallico, Fri Aug 15 02:28
    It was quite nice not to have to prepare one’s own meals, or to do laundry, and goodness knew Siobhan Gallico had never liked cleaning the bathroom, even with magic. She certainly liked RMI much... more
    • DIBS — Adisynne Leppit, Wed Sep 17 23:31
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