Cassandra Harlesdon
Much Ado About Kneazles
Thu Nov 14, 2013 14:47

Cassandra had many new responsibilities to get used to in her role as librarian. The most pressing seemed to be the one that was going to wrap itself around her ankles, mewing and demanding to be fed. The fact that her job came with kneazles had been a bit of a surprise. It was not an unwelcome one, per se, but it was definitely unexpected. She'd owned one of the creatures a long time ago, in her own student days and so was perfectly fond of them. When Amelie had been little, it had been something she'd earmarked for 'the future' - for when her daughter was older and more capable of both appreciating and caring for a pet. But so many of the things that had been put in that box had been put to one side. Amelie had taken over her life in a way that really hadn't allowed room for even thinking about pets, much less caring for one of those as well, and so it simply hadn't entered her head for a good long while. She had grown unaccustomed to having one. And now she had three. Her biggest worry was that she'd simply forget about them, they were so alien to her, especially as a work responsibility she was not used to associating her librarian hat with the duty of pet care. She was sure they would make pointed efforts to draw her attention to it if she did forget to feed them but then she would feel cruel and neglectful, so she really didn't want it to come to that.
Luckily, there was currently a large reminder of their presence peering at her from the Reference Center's notice board. One of the most pressing issues pertaining to the kneazles was that one of them was still simply known as 'cat' and she felt rather bad for the poor beast. Thus, on her first full day, once she had seen to all matters of absolute and dire urgency, she had set about making a poster.
'Name Our Kneazle,' it read, in large letters. They were colourful but without flashing or doing anything else too eyeballing. This was still a library, after all, and loudness was a concept that did not just apply to sound. Underneath this, was a large drawing. Artistic ability was not amongst Cassandra's higher ranking skills, and so it was cartoonish rather than realistic but still most definitely resembled a juvenile kneazle. She had charmed it to occasionally tilt its head or lick its paw. Underneath, was a more detailed explanation.
'The Reference Center has three kneazles (magical cats) as stress relief for students. The two oldest are named Sir Balin and Sir Balan-' she could draw virtually no difference in the pronunciation of these names, especially when said quickly, repeatedly and in the high pitched tone usually reserved for animals, and was wondering whether both creatures simply responded to both. She was considering trying out a less masculine sounding name on whichever one it was that had turned out to be female and to have produced the kittens, one of whom was now also resident. 'We also have a juvenile kneazle, who is still in need of a name. If you would like to suggest one for her, please submit it, with your name and house, in the box below.' A little wooden box with a slot in the top sat beneath the poster, accompanied by a small pile of cards for the students' suggestions. Cassandra had refrained from mentioning on the poster that she had ways and means of tracing anything rude that was put in back to its owner, as she had felt that might give people ideas. But she could and would if anything untoward showed up.
OOC Please remember that, although your character will only be writing a few words on their suggestion card, this needs to be contained within a post of 200 words. If you are having trouble, you could think about what your character thinks of the reference center, or how they came up with the name they are suggesting, along with the more general areas of your setting, what your character is thinking, feeling etc.

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