Riley Finn
Don't mind me, just plotting my future.
Fri Nov 15, 2013 13:41

Riley entered the Reference Center with a sigh. He had started this term thinking it would be second to last term here at RMI but now just a week into it he realized there was no point in staying past this term. Riley, knew what he wanted to do with his life, he wanted to be on Broadway. This was going to be the last term that Riley could be in a play, next term was going to be a talent show and that didn’t really prepare him for Broadway.

His classes weren’t preparing him his career. Cultural Studies, didn’t matter in New York, he knew all the cleaning and cooking spells from Spellwork, Potions was just filler for him, as was Herbology since he wasn’t allowed to take just two classes. So the sixteen year old came to the Reference Center for quiet.

He had convinced his mom via a phone call made out on Pearl Street to let him graduate early like Jonas. Unlike Jonas it had taken a lot more to convince her and she finally relented when he agreed to attend a school in New York. Rose had sent him a ton of information on colleges in NYC and demanded Riley apply to at least two of them.

So spread out before him was the information packets on Juilliard, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, and Columbia University School of the Arts. All of the names sounded so daunting that Riley didn’t know where to start. The thing that Rose hadn’t seen when she glanced through some of the packets that some schools were both Muggle and Wizard schools. Those were the ones Riley had decided to focus on.

The Muggle schools, Juillard, and New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts were set aside leaving Riley with, AMDA, Tisch School of the Arts, and Columbia's School of the Arts. All three were Wizarding schools and that made Riley fairly happy. It was nice to know that to pursue his chosen career he could still be part of the wizarding world.

AMDA was soon out thanks to the Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Musical Theater being only in LA. Riley was not going to LA, but to NYC! So he put that on top of the Juillard and NYCDA packets. He smiled down at the last two NYU’s TSoTA, and Columbia’s SotA were left standing. “Well I guess those are the ones I’m applying to.” He mumbled as he rubbed his cheek.

He was absorbed in reading about the programs didn’t really hear what the person in front of him had just asked. The sixth year glance up and said. “Sorry, I was reading what did you say?”

    • “Plotting” sounds like you’re up to somethingIka Blackburn, Sat Nov 16 02:58
      The thing about so many of Ika’s pureblood friends—well, there were some exceptions, but for the most part—was that they just went along with what they were born into. Ika was sure there were good... more
      • Well I am "up to something"Riley, Sat Nov 16 11:14
        Riley smiled at Ika, though they didn’t hang out much Riley did consider Ika a friend. He thought that after spending at least a hundred hours dancing around to the same song in high heels people... more
        • Now I’m curiousIka, Sat Nov 16 21:39
          Her smile faltered a bit when Riley said he wanted to graduate early. “Oh! Wow, that’s huge.” Riley didn’t seem like the type to leave before his seventh year. Ika didn’t understand why anyone would... more
          • Well so am I!Riley, Mon Nov 18 12:01
            Riley saw Ika’s smile falter a bit, but he shrugged it off. It really didn’t matter what others thought about Riley leaving school early, he was ready and that’s all that mattered. Right? Ika did... more
            • About what?Ika, Fri Nov 22 18:24
              “ I’m having a hard time choosing colleges, you have real options! ” Ika laughed. “I mean, they’re all really good options. It’s gonna be hard to decide.” Assuming she was accepted to more than one,... more
              • About life!Riley, Sat Nov 23 23:44
                Riley grinned at Ika while she laughed. He was glad she had come in and sat down across from him. When she said they were all really good options and that it would be hard to decide Riley nodded at... more
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