Ika Blackburn
“Plotting” sounds like you’re up to something
Sat Nov 16, 2013 02:58

The thing about so many of Ika’s pureblood friends—well, there were some exceptions, but for the most part—was that they just went along with what they were born into. Ika was sure there were good parts about being a pureblood, but all she had heard were obligations and duties and responsibilities, and all in all the families she had heard about from her friends and learned about in some of the wizarding history units they had covered in Cultural Studies didn’t sound healthy. Not that it was really any of her business, but it was hard not to judge, even for Ika.

So while she knew some of her classmates were getting married next year, Ika was applying to magizoology programs and internships. There were so few wizarding zoos that had paid internships that her options were very limited if she wanted to jump straight into work before earning a degree.

Growing up, Ika had always assumed she would go to college; it was hard not to, with Keith as an older brother. No one was surprised when Rosetta skipped college and went straight to professional Quidditch, but Ika was torn between the degree and the experience.

Several wizarding colleges offered degrees in magizoology, and having a bachelor’s would get Ika better jobs when she started working, but her college fund wasn’t huge. Yes, it helped that Rosetta had skipped college and that Marisol stayed in-state, but it still wasn’t much. She’d found a paid internship with a Creature Healer in San Diego (which would put her close to Rosetta and Anders) and one with Beast Rehabilitation in DC (which would put her close to Keith and Irene), both of which had decent track records of internal promotion. The national parks—or rather, their wizarding division—had huge tracts of land which were ostensibly breeding wolf territory (but actually contained rescued hippogriffs and protected Snidgets and the occasional dragon), and were taking on new park rangers to help with the magical species.

The Holy Grail of programs she’d found was in Chicago. It was a partnership between the magical zoo and one of the colleges in the area, and she could split her time and work at the zoo while working on her bachelor’s degree. Madame Poff knew one of the program directors and had said she would write Ika a glowing recommendation.

By the time she decided she needed the library to focus on her applications, Ika had narrowed the selection down to six places—two colleges, two internships, the national park service, and the zoo in Chicago. Is six too many? Keith had applied to six or seven, and Rosetta had applied to zero. Ika wasn’t sure what a normal number was.

When she arrived at the Reference Center, she gravitated toward another student who looked like he was working on college applications too. It wasn’t until she had sat opposite him and unpacked all her empty forms that Ika did a double-take. “Riley, aren’t you only a sixth year?” she asked, puzzled.

“I was just saying it seems early for you to start your college applications,” Ika said, when he asked her to repeat the question. “I mean, I’m all for getting a head start, but a year in advance?” she teased.

  • Don't mind me, just plotting my future.Riley Finn, Fri Nov 15 13:41
    Riley entered the Reference Center with a sigh. He had started this term thinking it would be second to last term here at RMI but now just a week into it he realized there was no point in staying... more
    • “Plotting” sounds like you’re up to something — Ika Blackburn, Sat Nov 16 02:58
      • Well I am "up to something"Riley, Sat Nov 16 11:14
        Riley smiled at Ika, though they didn’t hang out much Riley did consider Ika a friend. He thought that after spending at least a hundred hours dancing around to the same song in high heels people... more
        • Now I’m curiousIka, Sat Nov 16 21:39
          Her smile faltered a bit when Riley said he wanted to graduate early. “Oh! Wow, that’s huge.” Riley didn’t seem like the type to leave before his seventh year. Ika didn’t understand why anyone would... more
          • Well so am I!Riley, Mon Nov 18 12:01
            Riley saw Ika’s smile falter a bit, but he shrugged it off. It really didn’t matter what others thought about Riley leaving school early, he was ready and that’s all that mattered. Right? Ika did... more
            • About what?Ika, Fri Nov 22 18:24
              “ I’m having a hard time choosing colleges, you have real options! ” Ika laughed. “I mean, they’re all really good options. It’s gonna be hard to decide.” Assuming she was accepted to more than one,... more
              • About life!Riley, Sat Nov 23 23:44
                Riley grinned at Ika while she laughed. He was glad she had come in and sat down across from him. When she said they were all really good options and that it would be hard to decide Riley nodded at... more
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