Well so am I!
Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:01

Riley saw Ika’s smile falter a bit, but he shrugged it off. It really didn’t matter what others thought about Riley leaving school early, he was ready and that’s all that mattered. Right? Ika did seem a bit excited when she said it was huge and he knew it was huge step. Who would want to go into the real world a year early? Well that answer was someone who loved singing and dancing way more than he loved wand work.

Ika said she wanted to work with magical animals and this brought a true smile to Riley’s face. The few magical animals Riley had been exposed to seemed awesome and he could definitely see why anyone would want to work with them. When Ika began to rattle off what her options were Riley’s eyes went wide. He thought he was going to have a hard time choosing two colleges to apply to. Ika had real options, college or internships.

When she finished talking about all her choices Riley’s eyes were wide with wonder. He laughed a bit when she said it was really hard to decide. “I’m having a hard time choosing colleges, you have real options!” he said as he rubbed his cheek. He couldn’t nor did he want to think about having to choose other things.

The sixth year nodded when Ika guessed he wasn’t going to join the army. After all, he was just too fabulous for that! When Ika spoke about her brother’s friend attending Juilliard for dance Riley smiled. So, he wasn’t the only wizard who didn’t choose the normal path, that was good! “Actually Juillard is out. They don’t have a musical theater program and they are non-magical.” he said with a slight shrug.

“NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and Columbia's School of the Arts both have musical theater programs, and having Wizarding parts. So those, are going to be my main ones of applying for. If I don’t get in I guess I’ll come back and do another term at RMI.” He said with a small smile. He hoped to goodness that he got in, he did not want a seventh year at RMI. There would be no musical, just a talent show and that wouldn’t keep him occupied for the full year.

  • Now I’m curiousIka, Sat Nov 16 21:39
    Her smile faltered a bit when Riley said he wanted to graduate early. “Oh! Wow, that’s huge.” Riley didn’t seem like the type to leave before his seventh year. Ika didn’t understand why anyone would... more
    • Well so am I! — Riley, Mon Nov 18 12:01
      • About what?Ika, Fri Nov 22 18:24
        “ I’m having a hard time choosing colleges, you have real options! ” Ika laughed. “I mean, they’re all really good options. It’s gonna be hard to decide.” Assuming she was accepted to more than one,... more
        • About life!Riley, Sat Nov 23 23:44
          Riley grinned at Ika while she laughed. He was glad she had come in and sat down across from him. When she said they were all really good options and that it would be hard to decide Riley nodded at... more
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