Tae Hee Kim
You saw nothing.
Mon Nov 18, 2013 23:10

School had only just started and Tae Hee was already tired of it. His hands trailed lethargically along a bookshelf as he hunted for a Potions book the relentlessly cranky Professor Bobby G had prescribed for homework. His eyes glazed over the titles until he reached the end of the aisle and with a sigh he turned back around, realizing he’d passed over the book already. When Tae Hee finally found it, he muttered a string of epithets and nearly walked out of the library in anger. There was absolutely no reason anyone, let alone students, ought to read the tome Bobby G was asking for. He’ll probably quiz us on this stuff, too. Tae Hee squinted at the author’s name – Churvy Edgar Mimsy – and snorted derisively. If the Cetus had been good at other classes he would have dropped Potions in a hot second. He felt sorry for all the Dracos who had to deal with Bobby G as their Head of House; it was pretty clear the guy enjoyed making students’ lives miserable.

With a heavy sigh Tae Hee tried to pull the book out. It budged an inch. This is so not worth it. The seventh-year dumped his bag on the floor and tried again. Five minutes later, the book was halfway out the shelf. It was so big that it had squished the other books against the shelf and was now crammed in place. Robes disheveled, Tae Hee stood, panting, and glared at the book. He could have walked away from this situation earlier, but now there was no way he was leaving without getting the book off its shelf. It’s you and me, Mimsy, and there’s no way you’re going to win this one. Tae Hee’s fingernails were throbbing with his efforts to peel the book away. Now, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand.

“Accio.” The book popped out of the shelf and slammed Tae Hee right in the chest. He caught it with his free hand automatically, even as the force pushed him into the bookshelf behind him. With one hand holding his wand and the other holding the book, there was nothing to stop him from falling to the floor, the back of his head hitting one of the shelves hard on the way down. Sprawled on the ground, Tae Hee lay there for a few moments with his eyes closed, waiting for the searing pain in his head to die down. When he finally looked up, he was surprised to see a pair of eyes staring back at him. “You saw nothing.”

    • Whatever you say Benjamin Adler, Tue Nov 19 14:34
      Benjamin was so happy to be at school these days he was actually whistling to the tune of a Christmas song (because everyone knew Christmas songs signified true happiness) as he sat in the library.... more
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