Benjamin Adler
Whatever you say
Tue Nov 19, 2013 14:34

Benjamin was so happy to be at school these days he was actually whistling to the tune of a Christmas song (because everyone knew Christmas songs signified true happiness) as he sat in the library. School had only started and he didn’t have too much work piling up in his dorm for him yet and even after the unfortunate events of the Opening Feast he still had Hubert so things were looking up.

It was because of Hubert that he was sitting on a chair in the Library, his legs wildly swinging back and forth under the table, with a large bright red card laid out before him. Pots of paint were haphazardly spread across the surface and some orange speckles had already dried on the wood. However the second year appeared oblivious to the mess he was creating and waved his paintbrush in the air hoping for more inspiration to strike. He was making the most wondrous and dazzling thank you card the Headmaster was sure to ever receive. In one corner you could see that the duck had already signed it with his webbed feet but Benjamin had aired on the side of caution by choosing not to bring him down to the library. The cats might frighten him and so instead he had left his feathered friend swimming merrily in the Rec Centre’s pool without a second thought. He did not foresee any dangers occurring there. It was after all the Fun Room, or so he liked to think, and bad things simply did not happen in places of fun.

He made some quick strokes with the brush and leaned back to exam his work. It didn’t look very skilled although at least the outline was recognizable as a bird and as a result he was quite pleased so far. Just as the Draco was adding some finishing touches to the beak he noticed an older student by a bookshelf nearby. If Benjamin didn’t know better he would have said the student and book were having some kind of wrestling match. Transfixed he forget his purpose entirely and watched the proceedings with amusement. A bubble of laughter rose to his throat and was finally released when the older boy toppled over. The loud thwack which quickly followed, however, caused his enjoyment to cease. Suddenly concerned he leaped from his seat, paintbrush still clutched in his hand and poised as if it were a wand, he came to a stop before the boy. Streaks of yellow ran down his left cheek but he failed to take any notice of them.

”You saw nothing.”

Benjamin had been ready to ask if the student was alright but the second he spoke the Draco lost all his nerve. Intimidated slightly he nodded appearing flustered, “I-yes. Nothing is being saw.”

Despite the fear creeping up on him a small smirk still twitched onto his face. “Ahem, you is okay? You is...not being hurt?”

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    • Whatever you say — Benjamin Adler, Tue Nov 19 14:34
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