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Fri Nov 22, 2013 18:24

I’m having a hard time choosing colleges, you have real options!

Ika laughed. “I mean, they’re all really good options. It’s gonna be hard to decide.” Assuming she was accepted to more than one, of course. She thought she had a pretty good chance with the college in Florida, and probably with the Californian Creature Healer. Her grades were good, and she had decent work experience. Anders and Madame Poff had both promised recommendations, and Ika thought the word of a Creature Healer and a Breeder would help her applications.

It almost surprised her that Riley was only applying to a third the number of programs she was. Then again, he had the option to come back to RMI if he didn’t get into either of the schools this time around. If none of Ika’s programs accepted her, she wasn’t sure what she would do. “At least you know what you want to do. I’m just applying to a bunch of things because I’m not really sure.” Well, she was sure she wanted to work with animals, but what exactly that meant was still up for debate. “I figure I’ll get into at least one and hopefully I’ll really enjoy it.”

She nodded thoughtfully. “I think magical programs are just… easier. You don’t have to hide as much.” If she ended up not going to college, she’d have to get an apartment or something—Ika didn’t want to commute from Florida every time she went to work. And unless she ended up someplace where safe neighborhoods had a low cost of living, she’d probably need roommates—and hopefully she’d be able to find other witches and wizards to live with. Ika didn’t fancy trying to hide magic from people she lived with. She’d never been good at keeping secrets, and the seventeen-year-old didn’t think such a big secret could last very long.

Ika wasn’t entirely sure how one went about finding roommates in a new city; it was something her siblings had never dealt with, since Keith had gone to a magical university and Rosetta had moved in with Anders. The idea of moving in with people she didn’t know (especially since she’d been Lyubov’s roommate for so long) was foreign and scarily grown-up.

Maybe she’d commute after all.

“Do you know what the musical this year is going to be?” she asked after a moment. Riley and Addi were really good friends; if any student knew about the show, it’d be him. The sooner Ika knew what the musical was, the sooner she could get started on costumes. She wouldn’t have sizes until the cast list came out, but she wanted to create more costumes from scratch this year, so she could at least start thinking about design.

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    • About what? — Ika, Fri Nov 22 18:24
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        Riley grinned at Ika while she laughed. He was glad she had come in and sat down across from him. When she said they were all really good options and that it would be hard to decide Riley nodded at... more
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