Olivia Knight
Don't mind me, just studying [Demitri de Frere]
Sat Nov 23, 2013 18:22

A mountain of textbooks sat atop a Reference Centre table, and from behind the great mountain, a small sigh was audible. Term had only resumed a couple weeks ago, and already Olivia felt as if she was drowning. Academia was certainly not her forte, but despite this fact, she had not dropped classes. She was pushing through the six core classes, plus Foretelling Arts. And she tried her hardest, but sometimes it just felt like too much.

Flipping shut the Spellwork textbook before her, the brunette admitted defeat. Herbology, Potions, and Cultural Studies she did well enough in, but the classes involving actual wandwork stumped her. Simply put, she was just not a very powerful witch. Basic spells required more effort and energy from her than her peers, it seemed.

This inherent weakness pushed old wounds to the forefront of her mind. Harsh words from her father burned her thoughts, sharpening insecurities she valiantly fought. Olivia knew contempt as a child, not love, and so in moments of weakness, it was this that returned to her. She flinched at the memories playing before her brown eyes.

But she had something better now, a family all her own that loved her. She had Aunt Ava and Uncle Blake, Uncle Will too. Sometimes Uncle Paul came by, or her cousin Cassondra with husband Quentin. And she had her younger cousin Ivan now, cast off just as she had been. Plus, their little cousin Greg, though an infant, had shown her more affection than her parents ever had. So yes, her family was different, but it was hers. That was what mattered.

And though they were not at RMI with her, she had made friends. She could hang out with Aoife or Strawberry, her two best friends. The Draco felt close to Patience too, and this year she had another roommate, Finn, who she had already known a little from theatre. She was more than willing to make more as well, if opportunity was presented. Things were okay.

After all, there were more important things than her grades. The academic scale, she reminded herself carefully, was not a measure of her worth. That was something Aunt Ava had said last time Olivia brought home a bad report card. She just had to work her hardest and do her best, and whatever happened was just fine.

She closed her eyes in a moment of repose, planning to get back to work in a moment, but when she opened her eyes, she could see between the stacks that a figure was approaching. She could not make out who it was at first, and as the person got closer, the unfamiliarity simply grew. It was apparently a boy, and while he looked about her age, she could not recall ever seeing him before. Who was this stranger?

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    • Can I join you? I promise not to be a bother.Demitri de Frčre, Sat Nov 23 21:32
      Demitri de Frčre walked the halls of Rocky Mountain International as best he could without drawing attention to himself. As the only transfer student to come in a few weeks after the term had... more
      • That's perfectly fine.Olivia, Sat Nov 23 22:02
        As the stranger seated himself across from her, Olivia bit her lip, unsure of what she was supposed to do in this situation. She was not particularly obtrusive in general, and behind a wall of books, ... more
        • As long as you're sure.Demitri, Sat Nov 23 22:27
          “Oh, um, you’re fine,” Brown eyes flickered across the features of the person seated at the same table as he. The Yorkshire accent caused him to raise his eyebrows slightly, as it was something he... more
          • I might be a bother, though.Olivia, Sat Nov 23 23:17
            “Oh, you aren’t a bother at all,” Olivia replied, perhaps a bit too eagerly. She did not want him to think poorly of himself, especially when he was being so sweet and considerate. Obviously she did... more
            • Not in my opinion.Demitri, Sun Nov 24 14:06
              “O-oh, no. The honor’s, um, all mine," If Demitri hadn’t already been blushing, he certainly would have started then. He was afraid for a split second that Olivia saw through him, that maybe she had... more
              • An involuntary cringe resulted from the crash of the fallen chair. It had not been terribly loud, but it pierced the serene environment, booming suddenly before fading away. As of late, Olivia had... more
                • “Please don’t go,” Demitri let out a breath of relief, one he hadn’t realized he was holding, at the girl’s words. He would have left if she’d asked him too, maybe he would have just moved to another ... more
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