Demitri de Frčre
Can I join you? I promise not to be a bother.
Sat Nov 23, 2013 21:32

Demitri de Frčre walked the halls of Rocky Mountain International as best he could without drawing attention to himself. As the only transfer student to come in a few weeks after the term had started, he knew he was probably a source for curiosity. He didn’t like being the center of attention at least not when he was off his island. He wanted people at Rocky Mountain to know him for him, and not his status. Just because he was royalty didn’t mean he always wanted to be treated as such. It was nice to walk through the halls and not have guards salute him at every corner. No one bowed to him either and he enjoyed it. This was how he was supposed to be here, just another new kid who was normal.

Demitri had spent the better part of his summer adjusting to the life of a normal person instead of that of a prince. It had been some trouble for him, learning to fend for himself instead of having people serve him. He eventually found that he enjoyed making his own way. He was sure that had it been either of his siblings that they would have none of it. They would not have assimilated well to the culture presented outside of the island they lived on. Both were too accustomed to the noble ways they had been raised in.

Demitri had been the chosen as the child to be sent out into the world outside their isolated kingdom. He had his own ideals, much to the dismay of his father. Unfortunately, due to the bashfulness of the younger prince, the king had decided to ship him off to a school where he would become better with people. Although any school could have been chosen, Rocky Mountain had been the best choice. Demitri was related to two people at the institute, one being the teacher Emilian de Villiers, whom he was related to on his mother’s side and the other was some distant relation in Serafina Dubois.

He had been delayed in his arrival however thanks to the arrival of an important ambassador that Demitri had been required to meet. The young prince wasn’t very good at politics and the entire meeting bored him, but he sat through it anyway. In the end, the boy missed Orientation and the first week or so of the new term. It annoyed him that he had to arrive late, mostly because it drew unwanted attention towards him. He wanted to stay unnoticed for the most part at least until he had met a few people and wasn’t just the new kid.

When he had finally portkeyed to the school on the set date, he had arrived in a place called the Finer Diner. The deputy headmistress had met him there and welcomed him to the school. His dream catcher had turned grey, which was explained to signify his house. He was shown to the Aquila dorms, where he had his own room. He had thanked the lady for showing him where he would be staying and set about unpacking. After he had finished, he straightened out his black V-neck shirt and dark jeans before heading off to explore the school.

Eventually, after a few wrong turns into random places and asking about from a few other students (which he had done so reluctantly), he found himself in what appeared to be a library. He immediately wandered into the aisles of shelves and picked up a few books on completely random topics and headed to find somewhere to sit. Reading and studying were two of his favorite pastimes. He preferred knowledge over skill. He liked to best his opponents with wit and cleverness as opposed to brute strength. It was one of the things he lorded over his older brother who resorted to his skill with the sword to settle his fights.

He approached a table that had a few piles of books on it and assumed that it was empty considering he couldn’t see anyone. He sat quietly in a seat, making sure not to scrape his chair across the floor. He was respectful when it came to places of study, not wanting to disturb anyone or get himself thrown out of the area. He chose one of his few books and flipped open to the first page, immersing himself into the words. He was a few pages in when he glanced up and spotted a face behind one of the piles of tomes. He bit off a swear word in French and felt himself flush.

“Mon Dieu! Je ne vous vois pas lŕ…” he broke off, realizing that he was speaking his native language. He cleared his throat nervously before speaking in English. “My apologies. I mean to say that I did not see you there. Please forgive my intrusion upon your presence.”

The prince nearly kicked himself. He hadn’t even been at the school for very long and he was already making a fool of himself. He just hoped that the person behind the texts would not be angry with him. He didn’t need any enemies so early in his attendance at RMI.

OOC Note: Sorry for the lousy French. Yay Google Translate!

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    • Can I join you? I promise not to be a bother. — Demitri de Frčre, Sat Nov 23 21:32
      • That's perfectly fine.Olivia, Sat Nov 23 22:02
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        • As long as you're sure.Demitri, Sat Nov 23 22:27
          “Oh, um, you’re fine,” Brown eyes flickered across the features of the person seated at the same table as he. The Yorkshire accent caused him to raise his eyebrows slightly, as it was something he... more
          • I might be a bother, though.Olivia, Sat Nov 23 23:17
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            • Not in my opinion.Demitri, Sun Nov 24 14:06
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