As long as you're sure.
Sat Nov 23, 2013 22:27

“Oh, um, you’re fine,”

Brown eyes flickered across the features of the person seated at the same table as he. The Yorkshire accent caused him to raise his eyebrows slightly, as it was something he had often heard. It was evident that the other student was female and she was lovely in Demitri’s opinion, not that he would say such to someone he had just met. The brown hair and eyes stood out against pale skin and the fifth year found more heat rising to his face. He internally cursed his bashful nature. He was sure he looked like a fool. He was fully ready to get up and leave the table at the girl’s request when she told him that he was welcome to stay in the area.

“Merci,” he said, cupping his chin with his hand. “As long as you are sure that I am not a bother. You were here first after all.”

He would have left, should have left. He should have made excuses and got up to leave. But instead he remained seated, not wanting to seem rude after the girl had told him he could continue sitting in his chair. Demitri ran a hand through his short hair and fingered the page of his book, unsure of whether he should try to continue to speak to her, or allow her to return to her reading. He was deprived of the choice when her voice spoke again. She introduced herself as Olivia and inquired as to whether he was a new student. He flashed a sheepish smile in her direction, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to avoid the question.

“Oui,” he said with a nod. “My name is Demitri, but please call me Mitri if it is easier. It’s an honor to meet you Olivia.”

The name slid off the French boy’s tongue and he found himself ducking his head. It was just like him to be embarrassed in a situation such as this. He wasn’t good at conversing with people, which was mortifying considering he was a noble, so when it came to girls he simply seemed stupid. He glanced around at the books that surrounded Olivia, taking in the numerous titles. Most of them seemed to be tomes pertaining to classes and teachings and he felt bad for interrupting her studies. He ducked his head again, once more cursing his own nervousness.

“Forgive me,” he said, apologizing once more. “I seem to have interrupted your readings. What is it that you are studying?”

  • That's perfectly fine.Olivia, Sat Nov 23 22:02
    As the stranger seated himself across from her, Olivia bit her lip, unsure of what she was supposed to do in this situation. She was not particularly obtrusive in general, and behind a wall of books, ... more
    • As long as you're sure. — Demitri, Sat Nov 23 22:27
      • I might be a bother, though.Olivia, Sat Nov 23 23:17
        “Oh, you aren’t a bother at all,” Olivia replied, perhaps a bit too eagerly. She did not want him to think poorly of himself, especially when he was being so sweet and considerate. Obviously she did... more
        • Not in my opinion.Demitri, Sun Nov 24 14:06
          “O-oh, no. The honor’s, um, all mine," If Demitri hadn’t already been blushing, he certainly would have started then. He was afraid for a split second that Olivia saw through him, that maybe she had... more
          • An involuntary cringe resulted from the crash of the fallen chair. It had not been terribly loud, but it pierced the serene environment, booming suddenly before fading away. As of late, Olivia had... more
            • “Please don’t go,” Demitri let out a breath of relief, one he hadn’t realized he was holding, at the girl’s words. He would have left if she’d asked him too, maybe he would have just moved to another ... more
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