I might be a bother, though.
Sat Nov 23, 2013 23:17

“Oh, you aren’t a bother at all,” Olivia replied, perhaps a bit too eagerly. She did not want him to think poorly of himself, especially when he was being so sweet and considerate. Obviously she did not know him very well, but seemed like a great guy, and he was certainly not a bother of any kind. In fact, despite the troubling feeling in the pit of her stomach resulting from not knowing what to say or do, she rather enjoyed his company. “You’re fine. Honestly.”

He smiled at her question, and contagiously, she too offered a grin. “Oui. My name is Demitri, but please call me Mitri if it is easier.” Even in his introduction, he was considerate. He offered no last name, which to her suggested either he was not of a pureblood family like her father’s, or he was but chose to mirror her introduction. She often chose to omit her own surname to avoid association; she was a Knight once, but not anymore. Really, she was essentially a Taylor now, but legally, Knight stood. She could not help but wonder what his own family was like, if it was one that would condemn her if they knew, if he would condemn her.

It is an honor to meet you Olivia.

For a brief moment, her breath caught in her throat. An honor? To meet her? No one had ever… Wow. Though her blush had been fading, it came back with a vengeance now. “O-oh, no. The honor’s, um, all mine,” she struggled through flattered dumbness. Either Demitri had some interesting standards of what was and was not honorable or he was intentionally trying to flatter her. Those were simply the only options here.

Olivia guessed now that he had to be from some sort of pureblood family, though perhaps not one in the Knights’ circle to guess her identity. He was clearly French, and she could not remember just how much business her father did with people of that nation. Things could have changed since her youth, anyhow. His manners suggested society, but his opinion of her hinted otherwise.

And then he was apologizing again, this time for interrupting her. He asked what she had been studying, and for a moment, brown eyes blinked emptily. She had to glance at the books before her to even remember; she had almost forgotten about them entirely, instead focused on what—or rather, who—was beyond them.

After a rushed instant of re-familiarizing, she answered with a simple, “Everything.” The fifteen year old held up one book, on Spellwork, then another book, on Magical Sciences. “I have rather a lot of classes, I’m afraid, and I’m not terribly great in any of them,” she confessed. Her bests were Herbology and Potions, but even those she worked for. “But, um, it’s okay. I was taking a break anyway. You weren’t truly interrupting.”

“If anything,” she continued unsurely, “perhaps I ought to be apologizing to you. Obviously you wanted this table.” Brown eyes dropped their gaze, falling instead on the table as she motioned to a vacated table across the way. “Usually I sit over there, but it was occupied when I arrived.”

Her speech sped up progressively, some instinct—fight or flight? But why?—beginning to drive her forward and away. “In fact, maybe I ought to go over there now and leave you to this table. I’ll just be going, then!” She began to pick up her books, though somehow, they kept sliding out of her hands in her disorganized haste. As soon as she picked one up, another fell down. Stupid girl, she chided herself in a voice not her own.

  • As long as you're sure.Demitri, Sat Nov 23 22:27
    “Oh, um, you’re fine,” Brown eyes flickered across the features of the person seated at the same table as he. The Yorkshire accent caused him to raise his eyebrows slightly, as it was something he... more
    • I might be a bother, though. — Olivia, Sat Nov 23 23:17
      • Not in my opinion.Demitri, Sun Nov 24 14:06
        “O-oh, no. The honor’s, um, all mine," If Demitri hadn’t already been blushing, he certainly would have started then. He was afraid for a split second that Olivia saw through him, that maybe she had... more
        • An involuntary cringe resulted from the crash of the fallen chair. It had not been terribly loud, but it pierced the serene environment, booming suddenly before fading away. As of late, Olivia had... more
          • “Please don’t go,” Demitri let out a breath of relief, one he hadn’t realized he was holding, at the girl’s words. He would have left if she’d asked him too, maybe he would have just moved to another ... more
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