Not in my opinion.
Sun Nov 24, 2013 14:06

“O-oh, no. The honor’s, um, all mine,"

If Demitri hadn’t already been blushing, he certainly would have started then. He was afraid for a split second that Olivia saw through him, that maybe she had guessed that he wasn’t just a normal boy. He felt the panic begin to set in and he wanted to flee the scene altogether. He glanced around nervously, taking in all the ways he could escape. But just as he was about to make an excuse, the other girl began speaking about her studies in response to his question.

“Everything.” Demitri blinked as the girl held up one book after another. Were all the students required to take all these classes? Is so, the Aquila had a lot more work cut out for him than he had originally thought. “I have rather a lot of classes, I’m afraid, and I’m not terribly great in any of them, but, um, it’s okay. I was taking a break anyway. You weren’t truly interrupting.”

Before Demitri could say anything else, Olivia continued on. She said that she should be the one apologizing to him, because it was clear that he wanted to sit at the table. The girl motioned to a table not so far off from where the two of them were currently seated. Apparently it was the table that Olivia normally sat at but it had been occupied when she had first arrived. Demitri tried to listen as her words sped up and he slightly panicked as she said that she was going to leave. She went to pick up her books, but kept dropping them.

The noble boy stood up abruptly and accidentally knocked over his own chair. He reached out and took the books gently from her hands. He set the tomes back on the wooden surface and scratched the back of his head. He was afraid that he had offended her. He walked around the table and adjusted the chair that she had been sitting in and he motioned for her to resume her earlier position. He cleared his throat, his hands on the back of her chair.

“Please,” he said, his voice quivering just slightly as his thumbs tapped against the edge of the chair. “Do sit back down. If anyone should be leaving it is me, I didn’t look to make sure the table was unoccupied. I will not deter you from doing so, but if you don’t mind I would like the company, unless you wish to be left alone in which case I shall take my leave..."

He glanced down once he was done speaking, his eyes tracing the designs etched into the piece of furniture still clasped in his hands. He wasn’t sure what he would do if she left, he was already embarrassed as it was and he could withstand further mortification as well. He just hoped that he hadn’t said anything to cause Olivia to be uncomfortable around him. It certainly hadn't been his intention to fluster her.

  • I might be a bother, though.Olivia, Sat Nov 23 23:17
    “Oh, you aren’t a bother at all,” Olivia replied, perhaps a bit too eagerly. She did not want him to think poorly of himself, especially when he was being so sweet and considerate. Obviously she did... more
    • Not in my opinion. — Demitri, Sun Nov 24 14:06
      • An involuntary cringe resulted from the crash of the fallen chair. It had not been terribly loud, but it pierced the serene environment, booming suddenly before fading away. As of late, Olivia had... more
        • “Please don’t go,” Demitri let out a breath of relief, one he hadn’t realized he was holding, at the girl’s words. He would have left if she’d asked him too, maybe he would have just moved to another ... more
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