Beka Hiemer (Aquila)
Silence in the Library
Wed Nov 27, 2013 20:25

Beka was leaning back in a chair, her feet propped on the table in front of her, and reading a book open on her lap. She really didn't want to be here. Though she was really quite proud of herself (she was actually doing homework-per forceful request from her teachers and her more studious peers) she also had to stop and back up to reread a few lines every paragraph. And she wasn't taking anything that she read in.

'During the second goblin war of 1789,' if this was the second goblin war, then what was the first? She must have read about it earlier. 'Garrow Greybeard (footnote: Garrow Greybeard is often hailed as the greatest goblin hero in the 1700th century) was killed during peaceful negotiations.' That sentence didn't seem right somehow. 'His great skill led to the forging of many goblin weapons including the A.K. 47 which was not introduced to the muggle world until much later.' Who wrote this book? Did any of this actually happen? Beka Hiemer threw the book on the table in front of her in disgust, sighed, and leaned back....What genius invented homework? When Beka died she would find him and kill him again.

She took her feet of the table (which had led to a rather alarming dirt mark. Before deciding to try to tackle her homework yet again she had been having a blast on the Quidditch Pitch. It made her in a acceptive mood. Unfortunately she wasn't that patient.) It wasn't that Beka didn't like learning, she just liked learning on her own terms. She took apart muggle devices and tried to put them back together. She read the occasional book. And, she was most definately a hyperactive eleven year old.

She wished she had something to do. Beka was on the verge of (yet again) leaving her homework for a nonexistent 'later' and going to explore the other path in that crossroads behind the 'Muggle Literature' panel. Maybe practice a couple of useful spells (though useful might depend on your viewpoint) when a she heard a movement behind her. 

"Hello?" she called out, and she turned around.

    • Who needs silence?Emily Wiggins (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 17:58
      Who needs homework anyways? I can just do it later… Emily trudged to the library, dragging her feet as slowly as she could manage. The first year Cetus was somewhat of a procrastinator. She always... more
      • Yes, noise is better!Beka Hiemer, Sun Dec 1 10:06
        Beka was extremely pleased to see that the mysterious newcomer was Emily. One, it was good to see her friend again, and Emily always promised fun...and sometimes even a good conversation. Two, Beka... more
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