Emily Wiggins (Cetus)
Who needs silence?
Fri Nov 29, 2013 17:58

Who needs homework anyways? I can just do it later…

Emily trudged to the library, dragging her feet as slowly as she could manage. The first year Cetus was somewhat of a procrastinator. She always managed to get her work done… eventually. Now she really had to do her homework or the results might be disastrous. She’d spent too much time flying around the Quidditch pitch and not enough studying. Her grades hadn’t fallen yet, but if she wanted to keep them decent, work needed to be done.

Sighing, Emily turned into the library and headed towards the back, hoping there wouldn’t be any distractions. As soon as she spotted a familiar head of brown hair, Emily grinned, knowing that she probably wasn’t going to get anything done. Crouching down, Emily tried to stealthily maneuver herself behind Beka so that she could jump out and scare her. Unfortunately she wasn’t quite as sneaky as she had hoped. She stubbed her toe on the corner of a bookshelf and winced. Beka must’ve heard her because she turned around and called out.

“BEKA!” Emily launched herself from her crouching position next to her Aquila friend. “Fancy meeting you in the library! I bet you don’t want to be here either, huh?” Emily tried (and failed) to keep her voice level down, remembering that libraries were supposed to be quiet. She plopped herself down at the table. “So, watcha working on?”

  • Silence in the LibraryBeka Hiemer (Aquila), Wed Nov 27 20:25
    Beka was leaning back in a chair, her feet propped on the table in front of her, and reading a book open on her lap. She really didn't want to be here. Though she was really quite proud of herself... more
    • Who needs silence? — Emily Wiggins (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 17:58
      • Yes, noise is better!Beka Hiemer, Sun Dec 1 10:06
        Beka was extremely pleased to see that the mysterious newcomer was Emily. One, it was good to see her friend again, and Emily always promised fun...and sometimes even a good conversation. Two, Beka... more
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